Elemental chest question/concern – is it normal to go more than 19 days without an Elemental Chest?

Let me say first off that I did research the frequency of elemental chest discussions and this is not a complaint post as they accomplish nothing. From what I’ve read it seems that general consensus is that random elemental chest pop up approximately every 7 to 11 days.I fill 2-4 Monster chest every day and one raid chest every 36 hours. I haven’t seen a elemental chest in 19 days. Is this a trend that anyone else is noticing or am I just in a run of bad luck :flushed: thanks in advance for your input. Here’s hoping the next one changes my losing streak :grinning:

There is no 7-11 day rule, it is all random, 19 days is not unusual and probably more normal from my experience.

I’ve had 26 elemental chests 11.5 months and that is with pushing the occasional chest so average 13 days. That would be even less without pushing chest.


According to my log, I went:

  • 10 days
  • 11 days
  • 20 days
  • 8 days
  • 4 days

…in between my recent Elemental Chests.

And I fill 2-3 Raid Chests per day plus usually 2 Monster Chests.

So I think it’s just RNG being RNG.


Actually thank you it was your log that I read through,pretty sure anyway. Thanks for taking the time for tracking the information I really appreciate it @zephyr1

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The average has nothing at all to do with days, but everything to do with how many chest you open. There is a large thread on here with a lot of research on how often they appear. It doesn’t matter if you speed up your chest or not. The rule of thumb is that there are on average of about 33 chest you open before you get an elemental one. I also kept track of chest opening and found out this is true.


Thank you I appreciate your input and research, I read through some of the tracking but probably not all of it as there is very much information on the subject :+1:t3:


It’s amazing how much input and help this forum provides especially when it’s just not another complaint. @zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Rook Thanks you all for making it happen and sorry if I missed someone !


Its probably been a good 3 to 4 months since I’ve gotten an elemental chest…

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@anc1ent1, you said that you are not making this thread just to complain, and I believe you. I follow the elemental chest tracking thread, so to the extent that you’re asking if anyone else is experiencing bad luck right now, I would say the answer is yes, of course. There are enough people reporting that, at any given moment, some of them are having bad luck.

If instead you are wondering exactly how unlucky you’ve been, then I’d say you are in luck (about that part)! There are many here who can and will calculate that for you. But you’ll need to present a full log of your chest history, rather than just the anecdotal evidence in your OP.

Lastly, I don’t think that talking about the number of days between chests is productive. This bothers me in every thread about elemental chests (including the main one). Because some people prioritize chest farming (accelerating chest, etc.) and others don’t, the number of chests opened per day can vary widely between players.

The more informative metric is number of chests opened between elemental chests. If you’ve read enough of the other threads, you’ll know why. If that confuses you, @ me and I will take my best shot at explaining why I feel that way.


You’re lucky, I’m on the less lucky side. I got holy this morning, prior element chest was one month ago 2/4.

I speed chest but average 1 every month. Idk what more I can do. Now I speed chest as long as it’s less than 10 gems.

The other thing is the drops from my rare chest have been very poor compared to others.

Last 4 chest
1 4* mat
2 3* mat
11 silver tokens
1 gold token

So one chest had ZERO mats!!! FMFL


I’ve gotten 4* mats quite rarely in my last several chests. But I haven’t been so unlucky as to get no mats at all. :confounded:

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I know some will disagree but at the end of the day I think it’s just the RNG factor rearing it’s ugly head to the negative side. I appreciate everybody’s input and I can clearly see that my luck is on par with most others experiences. As for me I will just keep plugging along and before I know it good things will happen :grinning:


I have had one elemental chest since I returned from Christmas break. So I had a holy chest around the beginning of Feb. and that was the first since before the January update. I also only get turtle banners and 2-3 gems in my vision thing since that update. Have not seen an ascension item in months.

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I hope that your luck changes soon :+1:t3:


Thanks! Me too, starting to get bored.

Has anyone ever had an elemental chest immediately after paying gems to skip?

I pay 1-4 gems to accelerate a lot of monster box timers (over 100 now) and have never gotten an elemental box after a skip. In fact, my last nine elemental boxes (occuring usually every 7-10 days) have all been in raid or titan box spots which I find unusual.

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That is unusual about the skip, now I’m going to keep an eye on that :eyes:

I definitely have at least a couple of times when skipping a raid chest. I don’t typically skip monster chests.

I only skip raid chests daily and once a week the monster chest, but yes I’ve received the elemental chest in the raid slot directly after skipping many many times. I assumed that was the norm for chest skippers

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Thanks! Will continue skipping along now that I know RNG just was’t on my side.

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