Purple ascension thoughts

Long term C2P player here. I have 16 fully developed 5s and 40+ fully developed 4s. My non-TC20 5s are Gravemaker, Ares, Zimkitty, Anzogh, Evelyn, Delilah, and Inari. My fully developed purple 5s are Sartana x2 and one Domitia. Just pulled Grimble on a single EHT. I have a robust 4* purple roster including Proteus, Cheshire cat, Gafar, Ameonna, and duplicates of Rigard, Sabina, and Tibs.

Just pulled Grimble on a single EHT. My next choices for Tabards are a 3rd Sartana, 2nd Domitia, or 1st Grimble, Obakan, or Quintus. Building for war depth and special uses. Iā€™m leaning towards Grimble given my roster depth, but I appreciate input from other experienced players.

Given your roster, go with Grimble. I normally go for variety first before leveling dupes.

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