Purple advice

I am now F2P except VIP. I have 6 tabards with a choice of Thoth, Domitia, Quintus, or 2nd Khiona (have 4).

My maxed purples are: Aeron, Khiona, Victor, Sartana, and Seshat.

Who should I ascend?

Well, you already have snipers, one healer and medium heroes. I’d go with Quintus (lethal in case the raid torunament is the type with fast mana) just for the fun of it, or at least I’d max a hero with a class I lack of.

Wow, quite the list. Clearly haven’t always been c2p!

I have Thoth ascended and he is good at being tough but not good at killing stuff. He is average really, despite the fact the card says fast

Domitia x 2 and Quintus both sit at 1/1 for me. Domitia might get ascended after a while, but cannot see Quintus ever getting a feeder

I also have two Khiona, and she is great. One is at +7, and the other at 2/60. Honestly even though you have her fully ascended a second one is probably your best option, given that a Domitia is just a slower less effective Seshat, which you already have up


Thank you for the feedback.

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