Purple Ascension Question (see Post #4)

Holy (yellow) 5*s:
Joon or Vivica? Aside from Joon the closest thing to snipers I have right now are Caedmon (4/70+9) and Triton (4/70+9), but I’m also not swimming in high-end healing capacity either. Again aside from Viv, I currently have Kiril the Elder (4/70+3), Kiril the Younger (3/60) and Melendor (4/70).

Fire (red) 5*s:
Marjana or Anzogh? These are both still in the first tier so it’ll be a while before either is ready to fully ascend, but which of these would be most useful at 2/60 and at 3/70?


Joon remains elite. 4* healers do the job well enough. Viv doesn’t even make it into my top 30 for war anymore - slow mana is just too much a detriment.

When I had this choice I picked Viv. It was a bad move - Joon is still on my first team even though he’s 3/70. He still kills quite well. When someday you get Delilah, Viv will be a major afterthought

I like Marj over Anzogh, and I run them both.

Joon - still one of the hardest hitters in the game in addition to blind

Marjana - least powerful of the original 5* snipers but due to her high HP stats and rogue talent, she is a force to reckon with on defense. She makes a decent tank.

Thanks for the information. I decided to go with Joon and Marjana.

Another question regarding Purple:

I currently have 2 fully maxed purple 4s, Cyprian and Proteus and I have 5 Tabards and 7 Trap Tools. I have two 4s at 3/60 (Ameonna and Cheshire Cat) and one 5* approaching 3/70 (Thoth-Amun). I also have another unleveled Proteus that just joined my team. Are any of these worth the AMs or should I just sit on them and continue hoping that one of the gates or my TC20 eventually spits out someone better?

Sit and wait would be recommended

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