5* ascension dilemma (purple, holly, red)

Greetings to everybody! After some very useful advice concerning my alt account, and after obtaining the nessesary mats, I find myself to the position in needing your advice once more!
First of all let me present my fully leveled 5*:
Purple: Kage, Bera, Alfrike.
Holy: Poseidon, Onatel
Blue: Krampus, c-Magni, Glenda
Green: Heimdall, Kingston and leveling Frigg (4.2)
Red: c-Marjana

I have the mats for one purple, yellow and two reds.

The candidates are :
Purple: c-Domitia, Sartana, Marie-Therese
Holy: Thor, Uraeus, Sif, Joon, Vivica
Red: Ares, Khagan, Reuben, 2nd Marjana or wait for something else (I am a bit unlucky regarding the reds).

My troops aren’t high enough (level 12 Mana troops).

The only one I am quite sure that I am making the right decision to ascend, is c-Domitia (as I have her costume). I also don’t particularly like any of the reds, so I think I will just wait for something better.
My biggest concern are the holy ones. I really don’t know what to choose!

Thanks in advance for all your advice!

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I’d Hold on the Reds — nothing leaps out but 2nd MJ is good

I’d go Thor — vf attack, plays well with others with minimal work

For purple — C Domitia is great; I’d personally do Sartana first; but i value purple hitters.

Good job and grats - lot to work with

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Purple - Sartana
Yellow - Joon
Red - none

C Dom - Very good on offense and cleanse is valuable
Sif - I am not sure who else you have, Joon and Uraeus are ver close. Especially the HOTM. He is amazing in the current meta of minion makers. But I vote for Sif as she can change the battle on her own. Reflect, absorb 50% attack and mana boost.
Red - I will wait, None of them are great. But Ruben can be useful for certain game play. If you get Marj costume, i d do her in a blink of an eye.

Just noticed u have c marj, I will do her 2nd one as well. Also u hav Poseidon so i ll skip Joon for now. Sif vs Uraes. I am slightly towards Sif

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Since you have C Marjana, I’d consider a 2nd Marjana.

Yellow is difficult- their all good options. Personally, I’d say Uraes edges out Thor for offence because of his anti-minion ability (Bera, Freya tanks).

My mono yellow is poseidon, onatel, Gullinbursti, Mist, Jackal, with level 12, 6,1,1 mana troops. I am currently leveling my second mana troop to 11 (not enough food!)

Second Marjana all the way, they are best used together, since there is none comparable 3 red hitter at fast speed in totall dmg. You can also use both Marjanas out of sync to extend def down duration or to reapply attack/ def down if they cleanse…

Don’t think there’s a ‘wrong’ choice — some great cards … either is a good use of darts — personally:

a) I just default to the vf hero as long as it’s half way decent… I don’t have a stable of troops; so if I get better or need different … I can just nudge it over a slot easily. Kage has slowly gone from my number 1 to number 5 purple without draining resources or needing much of anything :slight_smile:

and b) I will not evolve anything that is new. I have trust issues :joy:

I would definitely ascend Sif and wait for a better red.

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