Which 5* hero to ascend? Kadilen, Joon or 2nd Vivica?

Once again the neverendig question: On which hero should I spend the item for Ascending?
I’m trending for Kadielen, Joon or 2nd Vivica…

I have the following 5* heroes maxed:
Green: Telluria, Kingston, Lianna
Blue: Isarnia, Richard, Perseus
Red: Grazul, Marjana, Jean-Francois, Zimkhita
Purple: Sartana, Clarissa, Guardian Panther
Yellow: Vivica, Malosi, Ranvir

I currently only have ascension items for one other 5* hero to max. The following are at 3-70:
Green: Kadilen
Blue: Thorne
Red: Azlar, Khagan
Purple: Obakan, Grimble
Yellow: Leonidas, Joon, 2nd Vivica

And the following not started leveling:
Green: 2nd Telluria,
Blue: -
Red: 2nd Marjana
Purple: Domitia, Aeron, 2nd Clarissa
Yellow: 3rd Vivica

Any opinions, whom to max out first?
Or should I wait to get lucky and pull some “super-hero”?

Thank you!

At 4* I’m quite equipped as well (all at 4-70):
Green: Melendor, Buddy, Caedmon, Peters, Hansel, Brynhild, Kashhrek
Blue: Kiril, Boril, Grimm, Sonja, Agwe, Mireweave, Jott
Red: Boldtusk, Gormek, Kelile, Scarlett, Sumitomo, Sumle, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon
Purple: Tiburtus, Sabina, Rigard, Fura, Ameonna
Yellow: WuKong, Liu Xiu (x2), Mist, Lady Woolerton, Gretel

I’d go for Grimble and Joon. Whatever you pick, I hope you’ll be happy with it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t have a sniper in yellow, so Joon without a doubt.

Leonidas wouldn’t be a bad option if you got his costume.


You should choose Joon because your yellow hero is not enough


I’d also vote for Joon. But, honestly, I’d max all what you have and some more.

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I’ll put another vote for Joon as I expect you’ll use him more than Ranvir in non titan situations whereas I can’t say the same for the other two.

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