Which to Ascend next (5* Holy)

So finally got my last set of Darts and I can now max out my first 5* Holy. My options are Viv and Joon. Due to Viv’s speed (slow) I dont use her as much as I like. Another 80 levels might mitigate that though. Joon would be a mad sniper!

They will be paired with Marjana, and as soon as I get two more potion a 5* Green will join them. (Yunan or Elkanen). So which do I choose? Viv or Joon? Here are my what I have.

Thanks for the help

Definitly Joon :stuck_out_tongue:

Have them both and definitely joon, plenty of 4* healers do just as good a job if not better in offensive raids than Viv when maxed but no 4* comes close to Joon as a sniper.

Also I vote Yunan for green then you will have a great tank for defence and can run something like Grimm, rigard, yunan, marj and joon.


You’ve got some strong, emblemed 4* healers already, treat yo self to some massive damage :heart_eyes::grin:

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Joon for sure! Dont even think just do it. He is sonmuch better then viv

Joon was my first 5* hero and he has been in my first team since. I have him at 4/80+6. You really won’t regret maxing him!

Joon. 20 reasons why

Joon is to ascend next.

So far I have leveled these Holy heros: Joon+Cos, Onatel, Vivica+Cos, Malosi, Neith, White Rabbit, Poseidon, Ranvir. I have enough darts to ascend one more hero to 4th tier. Which one should I ascend next?

Leonidas+Cos, Thor, Roc, Rana, Norns, Uraeus, Bai Yeong, Guinevere, Inari, Guardian Gazelle, Sir Roostley, Justice, Dup.Joon, Dup.Vivica, Dup.Poseidon, Dup.Malosi, Dup.Ranvir