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Hi all,

First post on the forum. Long time lurker.

Have a couple decisions to make on 5* ascensions and keep going back and forth. Mostly looking at this time to improve my raid and war defense. My alliance sort of coordinates a blue tank, but not consistently.

My current maxed 5* are:
Joon, Poseidon

I have several 4* healers maxed: Rigard (+14), Melendor (+18), Boldtusk, Kiril

My big decisions right now are whether to ascend Seshat vs. Kunchen (both at 3/70) and Vivica (3/70) vs. Drake Fong (1/1). Have 6 tabards and 6 darts. Will be a few months before I get enough to ascend another in each color at the rate I’ve been going.

I’d like a healer (or 2 for war?) on the defense and currently use Rigard or Melendor, so would like a 5* healer but concerned about the slow mana of the ones I have. And Seshat and Drake are both such great hitters that I feel tempted to ascend one or both of them instead.

So, in short: Seshat or Kunchen, Vivica or Drake. (Also have Justice and Sartana at 1/1, but pretty sure the decision is between the other 4).

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I don’t have any of those heroes, so my opinion is based on fighting them in raids and alliance wars.

I would pick Kunchen as the healer, his tank-ness keeps him up and the defense debuff he provides can end battles quickly.

Vivica is great, but since I already rec’d Kunchen, I’d go w/ Drake for the yellow. That blindness debuff has ruined my day a few times, so hopefully he can do some good for you.


I love Seshat, but Kunchen is better than Vivica. So Kunchen and Drake (which is a quite good 5s yellow)

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Can’t go wrong with those heroes… and I’d imagine all will be maxed at some point. Depending on the level of your war opponents, your 4* healers might suffice for now… sesh and drake would give you some additional fire power. Slow vs fast mana is a pretty big deal too…

I’m more of a hard hitter over healer type of player though.

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