Just a quick question... what should I do with these 2


Just got her on a single pull first try… who is the better hero

Without seeing what purple’s you already have.

Kunchen is very good fully maxed - handy at 3-70 to use for wars, etc.

Domitia - if you’re in need of purple then take her to 3-70 but no further imo. Reason being that you may get a better 5* purple.

At the end of the day it is totally up to you on what you’re in need of, etc :slightly_smiling_face:


Tyvm for the info… just wasn’t sure

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You’re very welcome, I’m sure there will be others who share their insights also.

Kunchen is far much better than Domitia he is a solid healer and tank with great skill

an advise: there is a small lock :lock: button on the top left corner, i can see that both of them are unlocked, lock them to avoid using them as feeders by mistake

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Kunchen 100% with all ur emblems!

Max kunchenn asap. He is a superb tank

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