Purple and yellow better than other colors?


Purple and yellow are effective against 1 color, do a fair amount of damage to 3 colors and are weak against 1 color.

Red, blue and green are effective against 1 color, do a fair amount of damage to 2 colors and are weak against 2 colors.

Conclusion: Purple and yellow are better than the other colors. Am I missing something here? What would you say to this? Thank you!

red green and blue are effective against 3 colors and weak against 1 only, all colors have the same amount of strong, weak, and normal damage
you can check that by playing weak levels with different colors monsters and having a rainbow team to test


I tried it and to my surprise red blue and green actually do a regular amount of damage against themselves, don’t know why I was so sure it was different… Thanks!

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As @Expired said there is no difference in the number of colours that each colour is weak / strong / normal damage against. The difference is more subtle that that - with RGB the colour you are strong against is not the colour that is strong against you unlike purple and yellow. How this effects play is that an RGB tank not only gets hit harder by its ‘nemesis’ colour but it hits back weaker where as yellow / purple both hit hard vs each other

Okay, that’s interesting. Do you take that difference into account in your strategy somehow?

It effects colour stacking vs defences - if you use an all purple team vs a tank like justice and you don’t get to kill them before they fire they do double damage.

Where as if you use an all blue team vs a tank like azlar and they fire they do half damage.

This is only important once you have a decent bench of heroes so not as much early in the game


Yup ofc i do
On defense team and war defense team it makes a difference
Always try to put 2 opposite colors near each other
For example set a red tank and for flank put green

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That is wrong information. Special skills are not colour specific unless otherwise mentioned. So Justice would do the same amount of damage to heroes of all colours, unless one of the heroes is already hit by Guardian Jackal. Similarly, Azlar will do same damage to all heroes, irrespective of colour, unless three of the heroes are previously hit by Guardian Falcon.

The amount of damage done by any hero special is purely calculated by the ratio of the attack stat of the attacking hero to the defense stat of the defending hero raised to the power of 1.35 and multiplied by a random number. So no matter the colour hero specials will always do damage based on this particular formula. The only exceptions are the elemental buffs/debuffs. For example, if Evelyn hits a hero then that hero gets reduced defense against green, and if Lianna fires immediately after, then she will do more damage than usual. Similarly, Gravemaker does extra damage againts green heroes because it is explicitly mentioned in their card.

This is a common misconception among lot of players.



Purple and yellow are weird.


Raid defense teams, titans and bosses are all colorless attacks ( insert link here ).

Otherwise strong attackers would take half damage from raid defense teams, titans and bosses.

Red bosses do the same damage to blue heroes even though the boss takes double damage from blue matching/ tile/ board damage.

Attackers RGB

Several heroes have protection versus their anti color. Which is usually worthless on attack.

Kashhrek gets protection versus Red is useful on Raid defense. But Kashhrek does half damage attacking Red so you would not use Kashhrek to attack a solo red boss.

Attackers PY

A yellow or purple attacker does strong damage against its anti color and can use an anti color protection.

Guinevere does strong damage against purple AND Guinevere’s protection versus purple reduces colorless damage from purple bosses, titans and raid defense teams ( insert link here ).



Thanks for correcting me on this, that bonus would only apply to slash or tile damage

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Not on slash damage. Slashes are colorless too. Minions, however, are colored.


Well, for my logic, its simple like this:

For defender: yellow and purple is much better, because if defender yellow, opponent choose purple, benefit for defender because both side is anti-color.

For attacker: trio (green-red-blue) is much better, because if defender green, attacker choose red, and no benefit on defense.

Edit: as statement by @Gryphonknight, defense on raid is colorless… so my assumption is wrong then.

So in defence you only get the strong / weak from the damage you take…

I guess that helps balance out the ai being indiscriminate.

With minions does it use the colour of the caster or the hero it was cast on?

That is correct. So unless you have an elemental debuffer on your defense (or a hero whose special is “strong against X” like Hel and GM), your color focus in setting up a defense is purely on managing the inbound tiles.

The real advantage of Yellow/Purple pairings on defense is that there’s no attacking tile color which is strong against one member of the pairing and neutral against the other. This is unlike Red/Blue (Blue), Blue/Green (Green), or Green/Red (Red).

Minions take on the color of the hero they are cast on. For all intents and purposes, minions behave like relatively weak tiles sent by the hero they are cast on when attacking.


Can you confirm that this scenario described in this post is correct?

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