Tile strength

Rather than continue a thread-jack, I will ask here about yellow vs yellow attacks.

The graphic shows how red, green and blue are circular in relation to each other. The legend says the strong color hits with double strength. Only following up in the forum do you find out weak hits with half strength.

Yellow vs purple, though, is different. They are strong vs each other, but never weak.

How from this would a player figure out yellow vs yellow and purple vs purple attack at only half strength?

Yellow vs. Yellow = weak
Purple vs. Purple = weak

The legend isnt super clear, but using it and paying attention to the board should be pretty clear.

Got suggestions on how to improve the graphics?

Was thinking the wiki or something in a user guide. Don’t see devs changing the graphic.

Thx for the reply.

yellow vs yellow is not weak, it is pathetic

Like if purple tile will hit with 130, rgb with 50-60, yellow would hit with 10

same yellow hits around 60 rgb colors, so it’s not that yellow hero is super weak

that’s why it’s worth to abandon yellow if you attack lots of yellows

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