Choosy moms choose Jif – how does color damage against titans work?

I was wondering when you’re fighting a Titan or even Another Hero, purple tiles will do the most damage against yellow and red again gcreen and so on. The little guide gives you what tiles are the best against other colors like purple against yellow red against green, green and against Blue and so on but what about after that I mean if you’re fighting a purple Titan, yellow is the best but after that, what tiles would be the best or does it matter. What I mean would red do just as much damage as blue and green against a purple Titan or are they all equal

Any color that is not weak is the next choice (and the same).

Only purple is your last choice when fighting purple.

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This pretty thoroughly answers your question:


The damage is calculated by the attack value of the hero…the higher the attack value the higher the damage of the tiles…but what really helps against titans is heroes that increase attack value( Kiril, Boldtusk.) Wu Kong is king as his ability is not overwritten by the previous ones. Then heroes that decrease the defense (Tiburtus, Gormek, Grimm, Wilbur) and then the ones decreasing the defense against a special color (G. Panther, G. Jackal, Arthur, G. Falcon).

Take 3 or 4 heroes of the strong color in your team against the titan.

Try it out and your dmg against titans should really go up.

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I appreciate the replies thank you very much

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One really interesting thing with damage from a special is that it does more damage if the elemental defense from the source colour is down

For example Caedmon will hit a five star for around 400 damage normally. But if Evelyn’s defense down is active that damage will be up to around 600.

Normally specials are not strong or weak against a colour, but the reduction in elemental defense helps when the source is matching colour, which is yet another reason to stack hitters and elemental defense reducers against Titans


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