Yellow attack vs yellow defense


With Guardians here, I would like to revisit a question about yellow vs yellow/purple vs purple: is it true that a yellow tile aimed at a yellow hero registers no damage? And what about special skills?


No…it’s ‘weak’ damage.

There’s a colour wheel above every battle that shows the weak and strong colours.

Can I just check that you aren’t aware of weak and strong colour attacks and colour stacking?

Otherwise it’s all going to sound a bit patronising.

If you’re not, I’m sure we can find an existing post that explains it all accurately with the exact multipliers.

Or are you referring to the ‘elemental shield’ that reflects damage during some events and Rare titans?


Thx yes. I’m old not new in every sense. Was looking for old thread and found weak defined as half; however, there is another thread I researched when new that said weak was only in the green to red to blue cycle. The yellow to dark was said to be strong to nothing.

But thx for the reply

Still no


No worries. Yellow to yellow is weak, purple to purple is weak. Opposites are strong.

Special attacks aren’t affected unless specified i.e. Kashhrek gets extra defence against red.

The guardian event, like others does include elemental shields, I think it’s yellow in this event.

So scoring yellow tiles will damage the yellow hero. Most people will drop their yellow hero to stop them repeatedly suiciding!


Yellow also build enemy mana without harming them and causing damage to your yellow hero. Using the shield color is a no-no in every possible way


If you are asking only about the Guardian Event (and that pesky yellow Griffin Titan) with Yellow Reflection, then there is NO damage done to the enemy…err…except to your poor yellow hero when it gets reflected back in his face.

If there is no reflection on, then yellow tiles will damage yellow enemies at ‘weak’(½ strength?) Which is why I never understand the folks who won’t take Wu against a regular yellow Titan. Makes no sense. Im not good at math but 1/2 of 185% is more than zero when yellow tiles hit.
Enjoy your day.


First, let me say I know the weak aspect of tiles; however, something (earworm) keeps trying to tell me none rather than half. It may have been the memory was about reflect.

The specials, though, were another part of that memory. Said specials continue to work. Would it be true if you held off firing a yellow mana-reducing special that it would work regardless of tsrget color?

The idea of assisted-suicide for a hero like Gretel hitting bosses at upper level might hold promise.


To help assure you… I won’t use Chao in the event because even his special will reflect against yellow doing no damage other then right to Chao’s face. If that last post wasn’t a question please disregard.


The special reflects.

Question answered. Thx.


Let me try to state this clearly:

Normally, yellow v yellow does weak (half) damage.

In Teltoc (and rare yellow titans) yellow reflects, doing NO damage but instead sending all that damage back to yellow heroes.

It may be worth bring Wu anyway, but expect to feed him health potions.


So specials that buff are all that works in any attack against reflect?


Right. Wu’s Gamblers stance will still buff your hero’s but a yellow special targeting a yellow reflect will not work. As a matter of fact I believe if you was to use Gormeks special against a red reflect not only will it do zero damage to the reflect but do the damage to Gormek and lower his defence. If I’m wrong I’m sure someone will correct me but I’m almost certain that’s how it works.


That is how it works yes. :slight_smile:


I was lucky to receive Guardian Jackal last time Teltoc came around. So will his special be helpful in the event, or does the yellow reflect render him useless?


Not every opponent in Teltoc is yellow. Jackal certainly can be useful, especially against Panther, but he is a glass cannon, so he’s also pretty vulnerable to the reflect if you get careless with tiles or trigger a cascade at the wrong moment.


Even Delilah’s guardians (her personal ones) will be reflected. Guardians that she casts on other heroes, though, do not reflect. Not that I’d recommend Delilah in challenge events or titans, because those guardians take too long to fire.


I’ve used Wu successfully in Guardians by just clearing out the yellow reflect enemy first before firing yellow tiles there. I’ve never had a problem killing Wu with the reflect doing it that way.