Poseidon or Malosi?

Which one would you choose? Currently have Neith maxed out. I don’t have guardian jackal

Voidstrike’s ToS

With the limited info you’ve provided, I’m going to choose Poseidon… he hits harder and I like his revive talent more than the wound. Malosi seems like a better hero against telluria specifically… but there are so many other facets of the game. So unless you’re seeing a battlefield of telly’s, I’d go Poseidon.

Disclaimer: I don’t have malosi, have maxed Poseidon. Hopefully, someone with both will chime in with their experiences.

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Don’t have Poseidon but Malosi. I think Malosi is very useful against plenty of heroes (Vela, GM, JF just to mention a few). Used my Malosi at 4-30 in the last war. It was just awesome to see how JF empties his Mana and do literally nothing. I’d say it’s a close call. Both great heroes. But regarding defense, I’d say Poseidon will do better than Neith. I love mana control and really hate Poseidon sometimes flanking purple tanks. Makes it pretty hard for my Onatel, Telly or Mist to really fully use their potential.

I have both maxed.

I use Malosi everyday and I’m considering maxing a second one.

Poseidon sees very little action these days.

So Malosi

Interesting! Thanks for the details :slight_smile:

I have been leaning towards Malosi, since I do have a couple other decent snipers. Kingston is maxed and I’m just waiting on one tabbard to max kageburado

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