Poseidon or Malosi, which one deserves darts next?

I was lucky to pull the HotM, Malosi and now I have a doubt: having Drake, Guinevere and Inari already maxed, which one, between Malosi and Poseidon, should I ascend next ? I have only 6 darts at the moment!
Thanks :slight_smile:

In my honest opinion, at this moment in time with all the Telluria tanks - I would go with Malosi.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Had this debate 2 weeks ago.

Had Joon +19, Gazelle, Guin, Inari, Del and Joon 2, Malosi, Poseidon at 3/70.

Went with Poseidon as decided need more strong hitters. Haven’t regretted the decision, still use Malosi at 3/70 for clean flags in wars

For sure though Malosi is getting the next set of darts.

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I was thinking that malosi is good, ok…but maybe poseiden is a more rounded hero, which can be useful for titans and event. I do not want to invest a set of darts for a hero that is good only in pvp :frowning:

But PVP is raids, tournaments and wars. I really love to see Malosi in buff booster. (Poseidon shall be good,too)
…and he works against Telluria the most common tank now.

Both Malosi and Poseidon protect your team from mana slow down of Telluria.

Mana troops are an important factor. Do you have already mana troop lvl 11? If yes this strongly favours Malosi. He needs mana troop 11 to get his full potential.

I have Malosi at 3.46 and even stopped leveling him (others are more important) as I will need still 600XP for mana troop to reach lvl 11. Even have 8 darts for him.

Emblems might be a factor. Answer this for yourself. Who got your fighter / barbarian emblems? If you have barbarian left but no fighter emblems … again favours Malosi.

On Titans I would prefer Malosi over Poseidon…still bringing antidotes.

I don’t have Poseidon. You can’t really go wrong with either of them. Both deserve darts.

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At the moment no barbarian has the emblems, since i was hoping for a GM that never arrived :frowning: and the fighter emblems are on Misandra.
I have yellow mana troops at 19 :wink:

Fingers crossed for you in less than 6 days to get either GM or Kage from Atlantis

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I am not so confident, but we will see XD

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