And the poison darts go to (Poseidon or Malosi)

  • Poseidon
  • Malosi

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Feel free to elaborate on your choice. :slight_smile:

Difficult to say without knowing who else you got and what kind of opponents you’re facing.

I’d say Malosi against tell and vela, but Poseidon is also a viable option in case you don’t have Joon or you’d prefer a hard hitter.


If you have one or two yellow damage dealers maxed then I’d do Malosi, but if not then Poseidon.

If you don’t have some real damage from yellow 5*s but do have Jackal and the mana troops to run him and Malosi together at 6 tiles then I’d consider doing Malosi anyway, but Poseidon would be the safer choice.

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Poseidon his beast :sunglasses::+1:

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