Malosi or Poseidon

Hello everybody,

I’d like to ask you some advice according to the ascension choice between Malosi and Poseidon or eventually other.
So far they’re both 3/70 and in raid I’m using more Malosi due to the super fast mana speed, but potentially Poseidon could be useful on defense as well, so I’m hesitant.
I’ve got six darts so I need to do the best all around long term choice.
Here some infos:

  • My current defense is White Rabbit - GM - Telluria - Alice - Jabb.
  • My other 3/70 holy are Sif, Onatel, Bai, Guinevere, Joon and of course Malosi and Poseidon
  • My other full leveled heroes are C. Magni, Hel, Evelyn, QoH, Drake.

Thanks in advance!

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Well, I would go for Malosi. He really can be a game changer, and I like his design (not the same for Poseidon). My next darts are for him too.

In my honest opinion, Poseidon for Defence and Malosi for offence.
In your position, I would probably focus first on Malosi
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Both are very good heroes. Neither will be a major improvement over Rabbit on your defense though, and you’d lose some of the family bonus if you switched WR out. Your fighter emblems are best spent on costume Magni and your barbarians on Gravemaker. Unemblemed Malosi is much more useful than unemblemed Poseidon IMO, so I would go with him. He is great on offense.

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You perfectly pointed out what matters most. In the mix, I have to think about emblems. Especially for my defense.
In recent weeks I tried to set a wonderland defense plus Telluria (yes I’ve been quite lucky in wonderland pull) and I recorded some bad performances probably because I had putt uneblemed QoH (Telluria has them). WR - Alice - Telluria - QoH - Jabb was the defense.
Then I started to think about some changes on defense and I focused on potentially replace WR with another Holy hero. Poseidon is very good on defense (and on offense) but needs emblems that I have to strip from C. Magni (which is awesome btw). I also have Drake but the emblems has been used for Jabb.

At this point there’s no “best” choice but probably there’s most functional choice and I’m looking for that.
I agree that Malosi would be the right choice but I just want to consider all the possibilities…

1 sniper in each color is essential. Malosi isn’t as sniper but utility heroes.

While poseidon can kill an opponent, malosi preventing opponent on casting ailments on u.

For me posidon first, while malosi can still be usable as utility hero on 3.70.

QoH is ur weakest link on this defense format.

Try to replace QoH with drake fong (i know it will be double yellow, but doesn’t matter)

Wr - alice - telly - drake - jabber

Do you believe that the one you suggest is better that my current one?
(WR - GM - Telluria - Alice - Jabb)

Sorry, didn’t notice there is almighty GM on ur roster. Of course GM should be included (literally everywhere).

Ur defense already good then.

If u wanna try for alternative maybe try to change WR with drake.

How bout this one:


I maxed both but use poseidon a lot more. Part of that is his class - his skill is top notch (revive) vs. Malosi. I also use him paired up with some of his atlantis buddies so the bonus defense its great.

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Same problem I guess. Drake a Jabb share the same class.
At some level I believe it’s quite important to have 5 emblemed heroes…

I would ascend Poseidon first. He is more of a sniper than Malosi, and also he prevents any negative mana effects and silence for your all team. Nice little effect against the likes of Guinevere & Miki.

Who is using Guinevere as a tank or Miki as a flank/wing in def/teams in wars? I would go for Malosi only to be used in attack team, as he blocks special effects of specific heroes and he charges fast.

They are 2 heroes with different functions.
First, I would have to analyze the badges available to both.
Malosi is very useful in attack, but bad in defense.
Poseidon is great at defense and a good sniper to attack.

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