Next Holy 5* to ascend

I have Joon maxed out. I pulled Guinevere in the last Avalon and have her at 4.64 right now. She’s almost ready for the show.

I have Poseidon, Ranvir and Vivica in the 3.x ranges right now. Just got a few darts and am still a couple short of ascending the next Holy 5*.

I see Poseidon in a lot of top 100 teams. I think Ranvir should be ok at 3.70 as a titan specialist. Vivica’s costume capability intrigues me and is a rare 5* healer.

Any recommendations for the next 5* Holy to ascend or should i wait to see what the next Holy HOTM is all about?

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How do you look for 5* healers of other colors?

If you don’t have Kunchen, or Ariel, or perhaps Grazel even etc and feel you need one, I would consider Vivica. She sucks on defence and you have Guin there anyway, so just consider her for offense purpose. Forget about the costume because 1. We don’t know release dates yet. 2. We don’t know the end shape of them yet. 3. Pulling one for Vivica is going to take some time, chances are not great.

If you don’t need healer that bad, take Poseidon. You already have Joon for sniper, but 2 snipers are even better. Again, having Guin, I wouldn’t take another tank-color to my def squad, so just offense.

Ranvir is Wu-tier hero, really, maxing him was the worst roster choice this year for me. There’s really no difference on titans between him and much cheaper monkey king. So as long as you somehow have no Wu, forget about the horse guy. Btw Tarlak and Miki are 100% better.


If you do a lot of pulls, you can wait for the November HOTM, Neith… She looks very promising if you are interested.

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I usually do pulls during the events and Atlantis. I’ve been extremely lucky with my pulls. I have several duplicate 5*s, especially duplicate HOTMs. I have 6 Seshats. I got 4 of them on back to back Atlantis 10 pulls each giving me 2 extra Seshats. I’ve actually run a team of unleveled seshats for a cleanup team in an alliance war to take care of 2 remaining holy heroes. They got taken care of quite quickly.

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I do have Grazul at 4.54 right now. She’s amazing. Ariel would be my dream pull in Atlantis.

I have 2 tarlak and 4 Mikis. Like I said, I get crazy lucky with my pulls. It just takes forever to level them all up.

When I got Guinevere though in this last Avalon on my 3rd 10 pull (also got King Arthur), I put all my feeders into her. She’s at 4.64 right now. The last few levels are always the hardest. I should have her with emblems by next week

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Neith does look interesting. I’m sure my luck will get me at least one of her. I’ll probably save my darts to ascend any 5* Holy until she’s available so I’ll have a chance to see how she works before throwing her hat into the ring.

Poseidon does seem like the next logical hero after some of the comments. He already hits pretty hard.

I have a few days left for sh23 to build, so I’ll have to see how that Alchemy Lab works as far as getting tabbards, rings, tabbards, darts and scopes. I could build some killer teams with some of the heroes I have on deck at 3.70 just waiting for those last materials.

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You can already see in beta topics how Alchemy Lab works for crafting ascension mats. In short - its impact is going to be marginal, and may result on average in 2 additional 4*mats per 6 months. That is once you have it maxed, which on its own will take couple months with the building times (for the lab and necessary storages)

Neith is going to be defense oriented hero and in my opinion in current form won’t be better than Guin. She would make a good flank for a strong tank BUT not if the tank is yellow.