Next holy to ascend - Neith, Poseidon, Vivica, or Ranvir

I already have Guinevere and Joon maxed and with emblems. I don’t need any type of hero in particular. I have good healers and hitters. My other maxed 5*s are Hel, Mitsuko, Alberich, Magni, Arthur, Grazul, Lianna, Marjana and Seshat.

I have the darts to ascend a holy hero.
I have Neith, Poseidon, Vivica and Ranvir all at 3.70

I just want some input on who would you ascend now

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Do you have maxed Wu Kong? Since you don’t have Tarlak or Miki maxed, maybe Ranvir would be nice for titans. Otherwise Poseidon as fast yellow hitter.

I do have Wu maxed. I have Tarlak and Miki parked at 3.70. I’ve been keeping those “titan specific” heroes there as they seem to do a fine job at 3.70. I just want to make sure to ascend the best overall hero.

Probably Poseidon then (because Miki/Tarlak seem to do better job than Ranvir, whose miss rate irritates me quite a lot). Though if you want another healer, Vivica may be okay choice, but you already have Alberich and Grazul. Neith seems a bit meh.

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Snipers are always favorable and Poseidon’s secondary ability of resistance against negative status effects are good counter measures when opponents are trying to mana block Alberich

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So it’s looking like Poseidon is the leading candidate here.

I just wish he wasn’t a Fighter. I’m a tonic away from ascending Kingston. Magni has the fighter emblems now, but I plan to reset and give them to Kingston and put Arthur in as my ice hero. Or just run Kingston and Alberich together. Guinevere is definitely staying in my defense team.

Poseidon’s specials are quite formidable. I have been enjoying Neith whilst filling monster chest. But Seshat and Lianna are sharing the the Ranger emblems.

This is a tough one. The only class I don’t have maxed is barbarian but I’m one tabbard away from ascending kageburado.