Poll: Ascending another 5*. Vote!

I am a long time CTP player (VIP, cheap Atlantis gems). I can ascend quite a few heroes right now…but aren’t overly excited about many (except my blue choices). Still, have an idea myself who I want to go with and am looking for opinions. Mainly looking to increase war depth/breadth and have some fun. Currently hitting 11* titans and Miki seems ok for those wondering.
First, my mats:

Maxed Ice heroes:

Ice Hero Choices:

  • Miki
  • Skadi
  • Athena
  • 2nd Ariel
  • Other

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Maxed Fire Heroes:
Fire Hero Choices:
image image

  • Noor
  • Costumed Elena
  • Azlar
  • None

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Maxed Nature Heroes:
Nature Hero Choices:


  • Atomos
  • Kadilen
  • 2nd Lianna
  • Elkanen
  • Horghall
  • None

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Maxed Holy Heroes:
Holy Hero Choices:

  • Bai Yeong
  • 2nd Vivica
  • 3rd Joon (costumed)
  • None

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Maxed Dark Heroes:
Dark Hero Choices:


  • Myztero
  • Mok-Arr
  • Obakan
  • 2nd Clarissa
  • 2nd Domitia (costumed)
  • Quintus
  • None

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Thanks for participating! Reply with reasoning if necessary.


My choices and reasoning:

Blue: athena’s def down beats out the others. Agreed that miki at 3/70 more then fills his role for titans. Maybe skadi after her update she packs a good hit
Red: elena only because of her costume, she hits like a mack truck.
Green: Elk diversity and the fact that he is imho very under rated. Great addition to a war team
Yellow: panda by default just for depth
Purple: I cant get behind any of those choices really. Quintis if you get his costume maybe? Mystery hero just to show off a cool toy? The others are blah &/or repeats


Would knowing that I have a +20 Grimm and +20 Kiril with costume for defense down move you towards Skadi at all?

Skadi all the way. In Telly world , she kills all minions then it is just playing with tiles and watching the opponents death. If you have L23 mana troops she will be fast (3 match makes her fire) and supporting with Kiril’s or C.Rigard’s attack buff makes her minion monster.

Athena. She is the only legendary that deals up to -64% regular defense debuff. She pairs well with your maxed Frida and Ariel. All of these 3 ladies are also maxed in my roster. I have Miki obtained on his month of release and he has been decent at 3/70 battling 10-11 star titans. Miki is my 7th and last maxed ice legendary only some few months ago.

Elena. This is by reason of the costume where she can fire from a slow hero to an average hero if backed by a mana troop.

Atomos. I chose him because of his recent buff from slow to an average mana generating hero. Pairs well with your Telly as both are average.

Bai Yeong. Though I have voted "none’, but a review of your darts tells me you are luxurious enough to waste some of them on this new HOTM.

Myztero. Other from bragging rights, he is VF and may pair well with your Clarissa. I have been contemplating maxing my 2nd Clarissa to have both of them with Kage. That would a good offensive team.


The draw to Bai for me is that excellent elemental link buff at fast mana. Will help my 3-2, 4-1, and mono holy squads take hits.

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Yes but only slightly. Athena being a 5* lasts long and 64% def down is greater then both of those guys. As mentioned thou skadi kills minions well and the meta is turning into that.

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Skadi is amazeballs against Telluria. I am killing full +20 teams with my 3/70 Skadi paired with costumed Kiril and Arie. I intentionally fire Telly and Skadi will get a 4-5 stack on them for a permanent 24-30% mana reduction and a permanent 124-155 frost DOT. A wing Seshat can’t build her minions up at that point and it’s basically a guaranteed win at that point. I haven’t lost when Skadi is able to fire and kill multiple minions. Imagine if she’s 4/80 with emblems!

The hesitation for me comes from scenarios where there are no minion makers. Is she too niche or is she viable in normal play too? She seems to hit pretty hard at 3/70 and progressively hits harder as enemies die.

I think Miki can wait for me, so that’s leaves Athena in contention. She is undoubtably the best defense down hero in the game…but she hits weak at 305% and minor damage to neighbors and I have Grimm/Kiril to cover that, at a much smaller defense down percent. I’m soooooo torn…wish I could get my scopes back from Aegir.

Point for Skadi…was able to get a 10-stack and it is glorious. She is freaking fantastic against Telly. I only lose if she gets killed before I can drop a stack. And she’s only 3/70!!! She would likely be able to kill even Noors minions at 4/80 probably (with Kiril a defense down).