Ascending 5* AdvICE

So I have enough mats to ascend one 5* Ice hero currently and I’m curious which one you all feel should get the mats and why.

Miki 3/70
Frida 3/70
Magni 1/1 (but could begin working on him)

For ice heroes I currently have these fully leveled:
Ariel, Kiril, Sonya, Boril, Grimm

I’m asking mostly for Titan fights. Just started using Miki and loving his increase alot. So much better consistency than Wu Kong!
Would I be better off increasing Frida or Miki or focusing on Magni?

Miki seems solid enough for now at 3/70 but I can’t help but wonder which one seems like it would help my titan scores the most.

Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Frida and Miki are great because of their specials. Both are equally effective on titans at 3/70. Magni is a sniper, he needs final ascension to really shine. I vote Magni.


I think you might be right. After looking at Magni’s atk it would be a significant increase. Not to mention the +46% Def increase. With Miki’s elemental link buffing def as well that would be a nice increase.
I’m using Miki plus Kiril to get the buff up to about 160%. So I’d probably level him and switch him out for Grimm.

my ice team for fire titans is
Miki, Ariel, Kiril, Grimm and Frida

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Miki if your up to titan score.

I would take Frida ASAP as she is a beast and will make your snipers awaesome


but is Miki at 4/80 that much better than Miki at 3/70?

I love Frida too, but a similar question. Is her at 4/80 that much better than her at 3/70? Or would I see a much better increase bringing in Magni to 4/80 and removing Grimm?

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I would still say Frida she does more for the blue color stack than Magni can do at all. Remember this also Frida is a HoTM.

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That’s my team for fire titans as well. Miki is the only one not maxed.

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This was my first time using them all on a fire titan. I was kicking butt and taking names lol.

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