Hero Levelling Thoughts -- Guv Round 2.0

After some broader thoughts/ suggestions about next hero to level up in a couple of elements. I have some thoughts but… :man_shrugging: I’m indecisive haha

So start off with full roster: https://heroplan.io/user/link/7cabeb22-d6f6-40cb-8267-c78fe52dccb5


Maxed: Heimdall, Evelyn, Lianna (+c), Kington, Telluria, Lady Locke, Morgan Le Fey, Yunan

  • Tarlak
  • Evelyn #2
  • Mother North
  • Kadilen (+ costume)
  • Other

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  • Do have Miki maxed, Tarlak would mainly be for Mythic Titan & for Blue Titans
  • MoNo would be my second reviver (Heimdall)
  • Evelyn #2 would really only be for war purposes. 1x with Lianna, 1x with Kingston
  • Kadilen & Costume is just beastly!


Maxed: Master Lepus, Miki, Skadi, Alice, Ariel, King Arthur, Vela, Magni (+c), Aegir

  • Krampus
  • Miki #2
  • Frida
  • Ariel #2
  • Glenda
  • Skadi #2
  • Other

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  • Miki #2 would be for Rush Attack wars & tournaments; also handy for Mythic Titans.
  • Skadi is a beast; second would be very handy in wars
  • Ariel is imo the best healer in the game.
  • I love my pairing of BK & Elena; would likely duplicate something like that with Krampus & Sif.


Ok so I am not doing anything here until after costume chamber. Wanna see if I get C-Leonidas first.

Maxed: Sir Roostly, Norns, Sif, Drake Fong, Inari, Onatel, Rana, Guardian Owl

  • Neith
  • Drake Fong #2
  • Bai Yeong
  • Joon (+c)
  • Malosi
  • Other

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  • Am really leaning Neith here. Blind, AOE Damage & Mana control will be awesome in RA wars/ Tournaments. And would likely get a run in most war teams
  • Drake Fong #2 would be awesome too; but neith does a bit more blinding
  • Bai Yeong / Malosi / Joon are outside contenders. Just don’t have a sniper set-up in my Yellow Teams; have built them all around AOE damage which works really well with how I play my yellow squads.


Ok so I am not doing anything here until after costume chamber. Wanna see if I get C-Marjana first.

Maxed: Gravemaker, Gravemaker, Zimkitha, Lady Loki, Elena (+c), Black Knight, Garnet, Red Hood, Grazul

  • Grazul #2
  • Lady Loki #2
  • Marjana
  • Tyr
  • Anzogh
  • Other

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  • Was initially thinking Tyr but Anzogh also has some merits.
  • Picked up a duplicate Lady Loki in last Valhalla & am in LOVE with her… so she is currently my front runner if I don’t get C-Marjana.
  • Second Grazul is also giving serious consideration


Maxed: Jabberwock, Panther, Sargasso, Sartana (+c), Alfrike, Killhare, Seshat, Khiona, Kunchen, 2x High Emblemed Rigards (+c)

  • Onyx
  • Victor
  • Clarissa
  • Killhare #2
  • Seshat #2
  • Other

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  • Am leaning towards Onyx here. I really like playing with the Ninja’s in offence. The ability to hold off a skill & overclock it as needed is super awesome.

Thanks for your votes; please also comment about why you think what you think.


i like snipers and elemental downs :man_shrugging:


Sorry; reset the polls; apologies to the 3-4 people who’d already voted;

@Rigs I’m guessing you went Eve, Onyx, Marjana, Joon & Frida? with Frida, even with King Arthur already maxed?

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c kad
sesh 2

and yea cause in pvp I’d prefer frida over KA

titans is the only place KA outshines her in my opinion

c kad is c kad, so yea I’d insta max her if i got her

forgot about tarlak though, i don’t regret maxing him even though i also have miki and don’t think tarlak would be a bad choice here either but c kad is pretty drool worthy…

the 2nd sesh…mainly cause she basically just got buffed by 2 new rule wars which is 4 wars overall.

she already has replicating minions, so obvioulsy good in those wars. then in vfast wars, she hits more reliably than kage but at the same mana speed and 2 seshats can dispel a whole team(which of course can in every war but in vfast it’s in 6 tiles…), i use a dark team with 2 seshats and yea love it. so i may be bit biased i guess since all my picks besides c kad are heroes I’ve already maxed and use regularly…


Green : tarlak just because your roster is good enough as it is for a 6/6 in war already so getting tarlak to improve your blue titans scores makes sens to me. He could also be played in war but I’m not a fan of passive heroes.

Blue frida: yes you have King Arthur for titans but frida is a hit 3 dispeller and debuffeur she is a beast coupled with your cMagni and your bunny :wink:

Yellow: Malosi. He is too good I love him. He is a Swiss knife who can crippled any nasty defenders.

Red: marjana. You will get the costume I can feel it so you should start leveling her right away ^^

Purple : Onyx. No explanation needed. He is OP you should use and abuse him while you can :wink:


Green: I like Tarlak for blue titans and as you mention, mythic titans too. You have some strong greens already so Tarlak would be a welcome addition for titans and can add to a green mono for war should the need arise.

Blue: you have a good mix of attack and support. Leaning Glenda because she deals damage, adds attack to allies special skills, and comes with a cleanse.

Yellow: cJoon. Yellows could use a strong sniper and in lieu of you getting cLeo, cJoon is a no brainer for me.

Red: Marjana, decent sniper on her own but costume makes her amazing should you get it. Otherwise I would go with Tyr.

Purple: Onyx is a beast. Has dispel which a lot of new heroes don’t come with anymore. He’s great at whatever level mana he has. Makes a huge impact for attacking teams. Mainly, he’s just a heavy hitter and great as such.


My vote is in!

cKad… costumed stats are solid af
Glenda… I like her cleanse.
cJoon… yellow sniper seems needed
Marjana… even if you don’t get costume, she’s a solid hero
Clarissa… I like the elemental link and speed

Not the popular opinion for some colors but :woman_shrugging:


Green: Kadilen.C, because fast protect dodge-all is awesome in defense and offense IMO, I didn’t have her though. Tarlak is also good option, because there are Mythic Titan, but if I were you, I would level Tarlak to 3.70. Heimdall is great, but 50% revive chance is another story, it is like “Just a Flesh Wound” 's BK chance. So I would bring MN to 3.70 too.

Blue: Krampus, 2nd Ariel, Frida

Yellow: Joon.C best sniper Fighter, Malosi great againts BK, Krampus, etc.

Red: Marjana, Tyr

Purple: Onyx, he is game changer, I already have maxed, not emblemed yet, I can see the big damage and flexible charge mechanic. Dispell and stop new status are valuable.

Very very great dillema you have :muscle: :sunglasses:


I chose:

Tarlak because he will help in green stacks for titans
Marjana because she’s fast and fun to use in wars
Clarissa because she’s vFast and does pretty good damage

I thought about the blue and yellow choices for a bit. Granted, I don’t have a lot of the heroes you listed, but I do have Glenda, Malosi, and Joon (no costume). You don’t have a yellow sniper, and Joon is excellent there with Malosi not far behind.

However, when I play those three I sit Glenda in between Joon and Malosi. As I stated in another thread, and I stand by it, these three together are like a fairy tale hit squad. Fire Glenda off then the two yellows and opponents cease to exist. It’s even more fun when I pair Glenda with Cobalt, but he wasn’t a choice :grin:

Good luck @Guvnor!


Yeah no cobalt here haha;

Got Garnet & Onyx (very luckily). Picked up Ametrine too.

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  • GREEN: C. Kadilen. I think that her costume is one of the best ones and useful both for offensive and defensive teams.

  • BLUE: Krampus. A hard blue tank is the only thing you don’t have. You have buffers, hitters, healers…:rofl:

  • YELLOW: Joon. I’m dreaming to get one of him. One of the S1 heroes I still don’t have. A sniper is always welcome in any colour.

  • RED: Marjana. The same reason as Joon. Besides, I’m sure you’ll get her costume sooner or later.:crossed_fingers:t4:

  • PURPLE: Onyx. No need to explain why. Undoubtedly, he’s one of the best purple heroes right now.


First off, @Guvnor you have a great roster with lots of good depth. In terms of your choices, I tend to prefer variety, so if you have good new heroes, I’d opt for those, even if you have some good heroes for duplicating. That said, I have a few thoughts for you, but don’t think you could go wrong with other alternatives.

Green: Tarlak. He’ll help you a lot on blue titans. At your level, you’re expected to meet minimums for titan hits and Tarlak makes you a superstar. Kad-c also is the new shiny fashionable flank and you could go that way too. I’d go Tarlak first, and then when you get enough mats, maybe Kad-c will be out of fashion again.

Blue: You’ve got great alternatives, but Krampus adds a different, and good dimension to raid and war attacks.

Purple: Onyx is great. So’s Killhare, but you already have her, so go for Onyx.

Red: I don’t see that any of your alternatives add much for your roster, as you already said. Agreed, if you pull Marj-C go for that, but otherwise, I’d wait for something better.

Yellow: After I got Joon-C, Neith fell off my yellow team, and rarely is used. Go for Joon-C. Neith does a lot, but excels at nothing. Joon-C hits like a truck and his blind is useful.


I voted for all, but my only outlier is Malosi. He’s just such a great support hero and far more versatile than I expected.

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I will say I am a little surprised by the majority that Costume Kadilen is getting in green;

I know she’s pretty good on defence but how does she go on attack??

I doubt she will get a run in defence anytime soon; my war defence goes really well and kadilen would be 3rd druid to be getting blems (Master Lepus > Zimkitha > C-Kad)

I’ve voted but is your alliance going to be competing for those top few spots in MT? Cause I would likely change to frida or 2nd miki, Tarlak or 2nd eve cause depth in those great titan heroes is likely going to be the difference in the long term and as mentioned your war teams are good enough anyway



For green, I also voted for costumed Kadilen. I don’t have her but based on my raids and wars against teams of heroes with her in it, she is good to have. If she can just perform half of what she does on defense, I’d still take her in my monogreen attack teams. Among the S1 heroes with costumed existing in the game, she is the only I consider a hero that is at par with the ninja and selected S3 heroes.

While I do agree that Tarlak is a playable hero for PVE and PVP functions, exceling (may be just by a bit) against Miki on blue titans (1 single hero whose element is strong against blue titan at +100% attack boost vs Miki’s neutral element on blue titans at +130% attack boost). In most titans, you would rather bring Miki instead of Tarlak. However, if mythic titans are only as strong as 10* titans, then you can have both your Tarlak, and perhaps your 2nd Miki, set at 3/70 until you have enough tonics to level him. My alliance (not full) is battling 10 star titans for several months on a daily basis and my 3/70 Miki survives most titan hits. I don’t think you have a scarcity of sturdy shields and warm capes for them to get to the third tier of ascension.

For blue, I changed my vote from Krampus to Frida. While there is no question that King Arthur is a better hero against Frida but that is only on red titans. And the difference may not be that significant. Out of 5 titans, reds come 20% of the time. Frida on the other hand is far far better than King Arthur in raids, wars, challenge events, and other quests. I would want to have a hero that is better on more events than a single one. Besides, if supported by at least a level 23 mana troop, Frida and your Magni and Lepus is already devastating. And I know you already knew that. As for 2nd Miki, you are not required to get that hero to the fourth tier. Again, if mythic titans are only as strong as 10* titans, 3/70 Miki is serviceable and decently usable there.

Krampus on the other hand does not impress me so far when facing him as a tank. My monogreen teams easily kill him. I dont know how he would perform on offense though since I only have Shrubbear as my lone Taunter. And I still think BK is still the best Taunter hero due to the possibility of a single damage taken due to his skill, whether it be a regular attack or a special attack.

Purple: Onyx. No more discussions there.

Yellow and red, wait for the costume to try getting the costumes of Marj and Leo.

Just my 1cent.


I wouldn’t say competing; we’ll likely be aiming top 100 each time but not going for top 10 I don’t think.

c Kad is awesome in attack. Definitely my most valuable weapon. The dodge saves your heroes so many times.

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You already have great tanks, I don’t think you have to have Krampus. I think Frida would suit your blues better!

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I’ve found that Sif and Krampus don’t work well together at all. It takes away Sif’s killer counter. I love both these heroes separately though.

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