Ascension Advice, Next Holy/Ice Hero

So I just collected my 6th ring for Zimkitha (yay), I need some help deciding on my next Ice and Holy hero to ascend as I have 5 scopes and darts (the 6th comes in Shiloh), and all capes/orbs.

I have several heroes at 3/70, but I’m not looking for just at who is at 3/70 already it’s more about who would make the most sense for me now based on who else is maxed.

My personal considerations are for primarily Poseidon and Ariel because I want to use the Atlantis bonus (I got ursena last month too so those 3 together I would love) and she would also be my first 5* healer maxed. But then KA I want for elemental defense bebuff plus to combine with Miki on Titans, and Drake would add great AOE damage. I also really like Aegir but my alliance uses yellow tanks for AW so I’m not sure if giving him my scopes would make sense now when seeing who I currently have on my roster.

That’s my thoughts, please give me your honest feedback, 5* and maxed roster is below:


Note: Disregard Team 3 that’s just for me to track my next set of heroes to ascend.


You have some great heroes. I would actually suggest slowing down on summoning. You have more than you can level for quite some time.

For max: Ariel and Poseidon, hands down. I have them both and they are amazing. Ariel especially. Best healer in the game and all 5* healers are great to have.

I would recommend getting Miki to 3/70 at some point for titans, as well.


I already have one Miki at 3/70, those others are all dupes. And I agree on the summoning lol

I’m currently only after very specific heroes which are the elemental defense heroes (Evelyn, Falcon, Panther and maybe Frida if she comes back but I have KA so not a huge deal), and a small few past HOTMs as they come back out. Not really going for any current HOTMs, if I get them as a bonus/free pull cool but not spending anything trying to pull for them.

I’m sorry, I didn’t see the 3/70 Miki. I went back and found it.

Anyway, I would still vote for Ariel 100%. She is absolutely amazing. Nothing like cleansing and healing away all the damage GM does. Then her mana generation increase charges your specials so you can kill everything.

Drake is another hero I do have maxed and he is great. Planning on sticking him on my defense team soon.

I don’t have Aegir, but he really seems like Guin in the sense that; defensive tank is the only real place you are gonna use him. I wouldn’t waste valuable mats on a hero like that. I have Guin and she isn’t maxed simply because I want well-rounded heroes.

It sounds like you and I will both be summoning quite a bit next Atlantis. Evelyn is the only elemental defense down hero I don’t have. I’m really hoping for her. I hope you get her as well!

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Funny you mention Drake on defense, he was supposed to be my yellow tank but that’s when Avalon happened and I got Guin so I took her up instead and left him at 3/70. But yeah I want move versatility and multiple use heroes initially. So you’re right about Aegir. Yes best of luck to you on Evelyn too!!!

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+1 on Ariel. Average speed with a mana boost and team dispells makes her fantastic.
Miki is more than usable at 3/70 unless you’re regularly taking on 13-14* titans.
Only one I might suggest is Rumpelstiltskin… He’s one of those sneaky heroes who can really be a pain in both wars and regular raiding…

As for yellow, you have some great options… Probably won’t go astray ascending ether Joon, drake or Poseidon…
Drake would be my personal vote as he’s got the blind 3 and he survives titan hits better than Joon.

Edit: also agree with the above re slowing down on summons :stuck_out_tongue: you be probably got wayyyy more than you’ll ever level in your time you play the game for haha

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I have the Atlantis trio (atamos too but he doesn’t count yet). You will really like the three together on defense. I also use them all a lot on offense, although rarely on the same team.

If your wanting the three on defense I suggest a hard hitter and debuffer. I use Evelyn and Anzogh. (Not that Anzogh is a hard hitter, he just happens to be the best red I have for defense.)

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Posy Ariel Ursl Lakey Zimi

for def - I’d reroll…

Fun to see your armies of Grazzy, Miki, King, Mokka and Missy. :rofl:

ONE Sesh, Aegir, Mitsy, Missy, King, Neith and Miki should definitely follow to level to the max.


Lol I hate seeing them there it drives me nuts :joy: No maxing dupes, clearly because I have too many unique heroes that need maxing so I won’t be asking about maxing dupes for a long time lol