Please help with yellow 5* – Joon or Onatel

I don’t know who to take to 4th tier joon or onatel

Joon is better for offence Onatel better for Defence. So answer your self. What you need?

OK thanks I was going to lean towards Intel for my defence and what position would suit her

That is a tough choice. Mine is Onatel or Drake. But I am going Onatel because I have Joon maxed already.

Onatel works pretty good on offense too but yes Joon is better. I pair her with Khiona to add some attack boost.

I recomending flank possition. Next to center Hero. If you do not have any good center tank use her for it.

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My setup ATM is alkanen marjana khiona onatel and victor

Or should I put a healer in there for defence

Every defence can be deffeated and your not looks bad.

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