Joon or onatel

Finally got enough orbs to ascend one hero,but I am torn between Joon and Onatel; Joon hits hard but Onatel hit all. What do you think?

Both great heros, what do you need most ? A fast sniper? or possible mana controlling hero? Also have a think about your emblems, do you already have another monk/wizard 5* that you are certain you will max out?

Even post your roster in here so we can see what you have which may help the input. Onatel and Joon are both amazing, I have Onatel maxed and although she is not in my defence team, she is excellent on attack to control matches.

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Joon for your first yellow. Great all rounder for all situations.

Onatel should be your 2nd or 3rd yellow.

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It’s hard for me to go against Onatel. I find her fun to play with. Also, I have won many a battle I should have lost with her. I can’t say the same for Joon (who was my first based on order I got them). When she gets rolling, she can be devastating. And there are other snipers.

But @TofuTurkey is right. Sort of depends on who you have. Onatel is unique but Joon less so. Do you have a hero that fits the Joon rule?

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I had this issue and went with Onatel. She’s scarier on defense and a blast on offense. That mana control is fantastic. I also have 2-3 more snipers in other colors. If you lack the latter, go with Joon. If not, Onatel.

OP is most likely picking first yellow hero.

Joon is more ideal for all situations including titans.

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In my honest opinion, both are really good and both will serve you well. But I went with Onatel - great tank and very unique

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Agreed. Nice problem to have. Joon is still an ace sniper. Pump him full of the sun juice and watch his ray dazzle your enemies into the afterpixel.

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