Defence team without Telluria

I thinking about Lianna-Sif-Clarissa-Vela-Marjana.

Other levled 5* is Telluria and Sartana.

I know than Telluria is better, but I do not want her in my def))))

I’d probably put Sif as the tank there. Lianna, Clar, Sif, Vela, Marj. If you don’t kill Sif before the special, she’s an absolute pain.


So, let’s wait fo 5 tonics (or maybe 2 rings and replace Marj by JF).

With that team, I wouldn’t. Sif raises the Mana production of the 2 DOT flanks. Marj and Lianna come in with crippling snipes. On top of that all are fast but Sif. I’d think about reroll with that D.


In my honest opinion, I would utilise Sif in tank position flanked by Clarissa.
And when you have enough mats bring on Jean-Francois as the other flank.
Good luck

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