Vfast Defence Team

Assuming all heros emblemed up to 10, is it worth to go back to Guin with GM and Clarrisa on defence? If Guin gets to fire very fast flanks could do enough damage to let the wings one shot any target.

Or just go with this uncommon Telly setup? Please help.

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In my honest opinion, I would probably trial the uncommon Telluria set up but … swap out Jabberwock for Clarissa.
Whichever line up you choose, good luck

thx john, clarissa wouldnt get any emblems thats why shes not on this team

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Clarissa Will not help that much in defense, at least outside of wars due to emblems. But on offense she digs a bit more guin’s grave.

Funny fact is the two last HOTM put a term to tanks that telluria already shutdown.
Btw no matter the def you choose both deserv Alice inside.

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cheers ziel. do you consider her that good? because i tend to use misandra instead of her due to alice feels a bit squishy. fenrir stats seem way better for a defender and damage in the end could be comparable as fast wings get to fire mostly as last…

There is many problems with fenrir as a defensiv card and the worst of them is he cant be really effectiv when AI uses him.

He needs to chock heroes under 50%, then he is more an attack heroe than a def one.

While Alice is a rogue, the best class at wing, hits hard without condition and weaker the offense thanks to her amazing debuff. She’s top 3 of best blue defender among Vela and finley.

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