Defence team help 0517

So i just pulled Clarissa and maxed her, and im ready to give max emblems to my defence team. Tank color doesn’t matter, for now anyway.

So here’s what im thinking:

MN - Alice - BK - Clarissa - Kingston

JF - Kingston - BK - Clarissa- Alice

MN - Alice - Guinevere - Clarissa - Kingston

Kingston - JF - LOTL - Clarissa - Alice

Alice - Clarissa - Guinevere - Ariel - Kingston

In addition to those heroes i have only Malosi. And could max magni too, but im thinkin about it, anyway he’s not cutting the main team.

Any thought’s on what’s the best option?


Tough leaving Alice out, and King is a better flank than wing, BUT he’d speed up MN when he fires. I think you’d want to play around with BK and Guin switching positions, too. A taunt on flank can be a pain though. I don’t know if the above gives you enough damage, too. So…

If you’re worried about so many teams being built for Guin:


Rainbow. BK is a pain. Guin flank is pain. Alice and Clarissa hit. MN heals/revives.

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Kingston BK Quinevere Clarissa Alice
Probably your strongest lineup.


That one is good too.

The use MN or Alby vs another hitter debate is one I have a lot.

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Also enticing.

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I love BK, he’s been one of my favourite hero’s since the day I pulled him.

But I wouldn’t put him in this defence.

He’s a stall and a beserker - you don’t need much stall with fast/vfast hitters (and Guin is already doing it) and you don’t get the full benefit of beserk without AoE heroes.

I’d probably go with the MN - Alice - Guin - Clarissa - Kingston option, myself.

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I like rainbow Defense that’s why Kingston over MN.
But Guin is not great outside of being Tank so you could tank Clarissa and give wizard emblems to JF.
Just need a good Yellow like Joon , Drake or something like that.

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What do you think about Alice - JF - Clarissa - Ariel - Kingston?
And yeah i’d like to go rainbow because of troops but this class thing is killing me lol.

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Honestly… Concentrate on embleming up the ones you get the most use out of and make the best defence you can.

Don’t prioritize defence when it comes to sharing them out - as long as you’re in reach of diamond for opening chests I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about having the absolute best defence possible.

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Yeah i don’t care about the raids, but i want the best possible setup for wars

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