Defensive team, need help plz

I need help for my defensive team.
My characters are:

  • Vivica (max & max suit), Justice (max), Malosi (max), Joon (max), Leonidas (Lv3-70), Wukong (max), Gretel (max)
  • Seshat (max), Sargasso (max), Sabina (max), Rigard (max + max suit), Quitus (lv3-70), Domitia (Lv3-42), Tiburtus (max + max suit), Merlin (max), Boomer (lv2-42)
  • Kadilen (max), Lianna (max, lv3-38 suit), Kingston (max), North Mother(lv2-24), Hansel (max), Almur (max), Brynhild (max), Skittleskull (max), Caedmon (max)
  • Marjana (max), Boldtusk (max, max suit), Khagan (max), Kelile (max), Jean François (lv3-40), Azlar (lv1-1) Gormek (max), Scarlett (max), Wilbur (max), Sumitomo (max)
  • Magni (max), Frida (max), Isarnia (lv4-27), Richard (lv3-5), Kiril (max), Boril (max), Sonya (max)

Thx for help ^^

Good heroes! I looked for a while and your only maxed hero that is tank material is costume vivica. I’d do a vivica tank with all snipers.

Marjana-seshat-C Vivica-magni-Kingston. Change Kingstown to costume Lianna when maxed.


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Thx for your help.
I’ll try this.

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I got new characters, & I don’t know what composition used in my defensive team.

  • Vivica (max costume), Justice (max), Malosi (max), Joon (max), Leonidas (max)
  • Seshat (max), Sargasso (max), Quitus (lv3-70), Domitia (max)
  • Kadilen (max), Lianna (max costume), Kingston (max), North Mother(max)
  • Marjana (max), Khagan (max), Kelile (max), Jean François (max)
  • Magni (max), Frida (max), Isarnia (max), Fenrir (lv3-60)


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