Suggestions for 3*/4* teams for next Knignt of Avalon event?

Since I failed this guardian event very badly, I ask for suggestions about the next one. Essentially, I noticed that the color involved are mainly blue and green…with some purple stages. Which 3*/4* heroes should I focus on during this month? I am only interested in completing the event, not gaining high scores :slight_smile:
Thank you !

Here are the heroes I have at the moment:

3* - essentially every TC20, Hisan, Arman
4* - Wu kong jackal boldtusk gormek caedmon rigard gregorion …many of them lv 1/1 ç__ç

  1. Keep in mind that you’ll need dispellers VS almost every boss
  2. Give your priority to 3* (Brienne & Belith first and then Tyrum & Balthazar)
  3. Wu Kong, G. Jackal, Boldtusk, Gormek, Valen and Ulmer should be empowered aswell
  4. Use double colors wich take advantage of the stage you are running
  5. Don’t forget to kill Morgan Le Fay to dispel her special effect
  6. Bring Kailani or Gunnar if you are taking too much damage

Any specific advice regarding 3* heroes for the Avalon event? do u suggest to start with brienne/ belith? And what about the red ones?

Brienne and Belith are the stars for this event, red heroes are handy but they’ll suffer as blue mob or bosses are in every stage.

You should try to always have +ATK buff on your heroes but instead of giving your mana potions on Brienne you should bring banners and keep the potions for dispellers.

Bring 20% mana potions everywhere and give them to your dispeller after Guinevere’s attacks.
They will make your fight easier.

You should always bring some handy items like Arrows (they can make miss important skills) and try to timing them when a boss is about to fire his special.

Try to reach the last wave with 100% on your heroes to start better the boss fight and kill first dangerous heroes like Morgan Le Fay wich could be the hardest to beat without bringing red heroes (at disvantage due to colors) and then use empty spaces to charge your mana at double speed, a thing that occour if your tiles doesn’t go in places where heroes stays.


Thank you for your suggestions:)
So i will bring up brienne and belith. Besides this two, what do u suggest for the remaining 3 heroes? Tyrum and balthazar without any red?

Id say Balthazar, Tyrum, Bane (even double to kill Merlin) and consider using Hisan while vs Guinevere.

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I have all of them…need powering up in time T.T

My suggestion is to always skip the rare/beginner events. The rewards don’t match up with the effort it takes to finish it or rank well. Invest your leveling in 4*s. If you have a pretty good maxed team - then maybe consider going for it.

I’d respectfully disagree with @Rojor

If your team is fully levelled, it doesn’t require a huge amount of items, and you can’t use expensive ones anyway.

Plus you get a small handful of loot for completing it.

And even though I can complete epic, it’s fun to do both and test your skills with a different set of heroes.

As wars need a large roster, so long as your 4 or 5* teams are considerably delayed by levelling a rare team, your 3*s will continue to be useful.

So why not go for it?


What about a 4* team for the intermediate level? Which are the best heroes for this event?

I agree with you, as there is the risk of obtain nothing at the end, like it happened for the guardian event :frowning:

Melendor, Little John (or Caedmon), Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Wu Kong (to me) swapping one to double purple and yellow (Sabina and G. Jackal).

Also, leaving home Boldtusk to bring +ATK banners isn’t a bad choice.

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thank you, you have been very exhaustive :wink:

I can vouch for that (not having read any other comments; this one caught my eye). I’m a good fighter with a 2600 team and Rare Level 8 almost killed all my items. For practically nil rewards, as you say.

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