Legendary Avalon Challenge Team Suggestion

Hi everyone…

And I am very sorry for another team suggestion hero… again.

But I seriously am having problem with the later Stages of Legendary Knights of Avalon Challenge. Specifically the last few stages.

Can anyone suggest me on who I should bring?

These are my rosters :

Thank you everyone…

I am having especially hard time with Lady of the Lake and Guinevere.

I already won against both Rare and Epic Challenged.

For Epic I brought :

Caedmon +7
Rigard +5
Boldtusk +7
Proteus +7
Little John 3/60 (he died in the very first wave during the last stage lol)

Had a very hard time and almost deplete my mana potions reserve just to block Lady of the Lake and Guinevere from firing.

Which is why for Legend I decided to ask for help here since Legendary will be harder than Epic obviously.

You might wanna try WuKong in place of Little John. :slight_smile:

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There are several threads that would be helpful for you, if you use the search function. :confounded:


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