Challenge Event - Morgan le fay

Any tips on how to take down Morgan le fay in Epic level 14 plz?

You are using a rainbow team, that’s your first problem (one of each color). This is probably the single most importance nuance of gameplay to understand:

If you bring multiples of the same color, every tile does damage for each hero of that color. So if you ran 5 red heroes, every red tile will hit 5* as hard and you can pretty much take out Morgan in a single shot.

Secondarily, with these higher levels in the challenge events, you should slow down in the second wave and charge up hero specials and healers before killing off the last enemy. If you go into the boss wave with Boldtusk, Gormek, Kelile, Colen, and Wu all having charged specials, fire them in that order, and have a few red tiles on the board, you should have no trouble taking them all out.

If you are relatively new to the game you probably haven’t had time yet to build up a roster with multiple maxed 4* heros in each color. It’s still possible to beat the event, but requires having full health, charged specials, and probably a couple of clear-all diamonds on your board when you go to the final bosses. But it will be hard and you might not be able to pull it off this time through.

For this reason, I very strongly encourage building up a solid roster of 4* heroes before you work on any 5’s you happen to acquire. The ability to stack them means two green 4s are way more useful than one green 5 and would take about the same amount of time and resources to fully level.


What heroes do u got? Do u got wukong?

My suggestion is bring to the battle 3 green heroes and 2 yellow heroes (include wukong if you have). Wukong will multiply the tiles damage several times so u will be able to kill morgan.

Don’t forget to throw arrow and bomb to morgan before she sucks ur blood.


I agree to go MONO for the bosses, but also, if you want to play rainbow, you could bring along Proteus or anyone who controls Mana. If you do not have such a hero, you still could use time trap, to avoid the bosses from firing their special. Ah timetrap might not be available in Epic…

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I am struggling with this level too. Not used Wu yet but will give it a go.

I have been using a Green team of Melandor, Skittle and Caedmon (but none of these are real killers) with a couple of other permutations but not working as yet… Will add Wu and Proteus and see how I go!

Update: sorry, the bosses are lancelot, BK and morgan. 2 reds and 1 green.
So don’t bring 3 green.

Bring 1 green (melendor) as healer + debuffer, 3 red and 1 wukong.

Above all Focusing on killing morgan first.

We need to see ur roster so we can give better suggestion which heroes u should take

I posted about this level yesterday and got some advice about rearranging my existing team. Now I’m just struggling with 15! :laughing: Stocking back up on items before giving that one another go.

For 14 I used (with advice) BT, Colen, Falcon, Caedmon and Sabina.

My 4* roster (with emblems) is as follows, please let me know which is best:

Red - Boldtusk(8), Kelile(9), Wilbur(7)
Blue - Grimm(15), Kiril (7) Sonya (4)
Yellow - Wu Kong (4)
Green - Melandor (9) Skittle (9) Caedmon (9)
Purple - Proteus (7) Rigard (7)

Grateful for the your thoughts on the best line up to tackle this last epic stage…



For ur team to fight on this stage my suggestion is bring:

Melendor (as healer+debuffer), proteus, kelile, sonya, wukong.

Items to bring: arrow, bomb, mana potions and health potions.

Make sure to Enter the boss stage with all ur heroes ready with 100% mana. Throw 1 arrow and 1 bomb Then cast proteus special to stop all 3 bosses from gaining mana.
Focusing on killing morgan first. Cast kelile and sonya special on morgan. After that cast wukong and focusing to match the tiles under morgan. U need to kill morgan first.

If proteus mana stop has expired, just refill again with mana potion. Try to make the bosses not gaining mana as u can using proteus.
Watch for arrow and bomb effect too, if it is expired then cast 1x arrow and 1x bomb to reduce bosses damage to ur heroes.

Keep sending tiles under wukong effect that will multiply the damage. The priority is killing morgan first. After morgan died, u can relief, the other 2 bosses much easier to handle now.

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Thanks - great advice - it worked out perfectly!


@mogulemon and anyone else.

Would that L14 team work for 15 or do you suggest any changes?

My Team


For last level the bosses are Lotl, arthur, guin.

According to ur roster, my suggestion is:

Melendor, caedmon, falcon, colen, wukong.

First priority to be killed lotl. After lotl kill arthur and the last one is guin.

Bring arrow, bomb, mana potion and health potion.

Enter boss stage with heroes fully charge, cast falcon to make all bosses weak against red, then cast colen, then cast caedmon on Lotl. After that cast wukong to multiply tiles damage.

Throw 1x arrow and 1 bomb to make boss hit weaker.

Keep sending tiles under lotl until she died. If she charges minion, kill minions immediately using 1x bomb (u don’t want lotl minions disturb ur heroes from gaining mana).

Since u also have mana potions, u can debuff bosses specials using melendor or caedmon.
Use the mana potions when needed.

Keep watch also for wukong specials always charge so it can makes the tiles very powerful to kill the bosses quickly

Thank you, I was trying out both BT and Melandor in that space but as neither are fully levelled I haven’t been sure which is best. I’m frantically fattening up Mel now so he gains a good few levels each day.

I’m not a fan of Wu Kong outside of Titan battles. I still don’t think I fully understand him. I quite like the idea of Sabina as a reliable healer (Mel isn’t fully maxed yet) Any reason why you wouldn’t use her?

I’m also curious as to why you’re suggesting arrows over axes. Not that I’m complaining on that one as I’d struggle to find the resources for both axes and bombs and yet have plenty of arrows to spare.

You could swap melendor with sabina.

I suggest for melendor because u will bring 2 green which are melendor and caedmon. With helping from wukong specials make green tiles triple powerful to kill arthur quickly.

Wukong is a shortcut if u want to kill enemies quickly. U should mastering using wukong, he can be brought anywhere to face strong bosses.

Regarding arrow, it will reduce the enemies chance to hit you.
By combining arrow and bomb, ur heroes health will be preserved more.

It will be wasted if u bring axes and bombs as they will overwrite each other

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Persevere with wu… He is very good in battles

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I used
Guardian jackal, melendor, hansel, caedmon, wu

Was very easy.

Basically with Wu… You roll the dice.

On average you’ll come out better. Sometimes you’ll come out much better, sometimes you’ll come out worse.

When it comes to events…
If your team struggles to win, Wu makes it possible to perform better. He might mess it up once or even twice, but if you stick to your guns and replay a few times he’ll allow you to perform beyond what you otherwise can.

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Thanks for the reply

Yes, since posting this I tried a few combinations and practised a bit more with Wu with the advice given and I do understand his skills a little more now. He certainly helped me pass the Epic level and is getting me through much of the Legendary too.

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legendary should be easy with timestops and dragons and bombs.

Yeah, that would be lovely. You got any to spare? :rofl:

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