Please, help me to decide an ice ascension dilemma

Hello everyone. I got my 6th telescope today and i was wondering about maxing the next ice hero.

My ice heroes to be maxed are Krampus, Glenda, Fenrir and Thorne.

My maxed ice 5☆ stars are Skadi, C.richard and Vela.

Im needing something like Magni in blue. I cannot snipe with ice heroes due to i dont have Magni or something similar. I do have snipers in other colours . Joon and Seshat.

Is thorne a good Magni sustitute? He punches really hard but at average speed. Although i have heroes to boost the mana generation.

Krampus could be a good addition but im not sure about him as im looking for an offensive hero. For defensive proposes(aka tank) i have ursena or Garnet.

Fenrir seems nice too but more a finisher than a sniper.

Id thank any advice.

Good gaming to all

Which ice hero to max?
  • Krampus
  • Fenrir
  • Glenda
  • Thorne

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Thorne is nothing special. Krampus is an excellent hero, but you already have a tank strong enough to keep you in diamond (Ursena) and you said you want to focus on attack, so my vote is for Fenrir, who is an excellent offensive hero and in my humble opinion better than Magni. Congrats on pulling him. I’m jealous of your Krampus too, even if you don’t necessarily need him right now.

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To elaborate on why Fenrir is great: 600% on an enemy who is already below 50% health may seem like overkill, but often it is not. They may have a +def buff, or minions. For tanks this is often the case. Plus Fenrir is fast, has nice tile damage, and a couple of secondary effects. He’s a great ‘tank finisher’ on a blue stack.

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Thank you Civ, and i agree, Krampus is really good but im not sure hes what my roster needs at this moment.

I have 1k of unused fighter emblems to give to Fenrir. So in that sense i can give the emblems a good use.

Thanks for sharing your experience with him. I have heard you can virtually turn fenrir to very fast if you start killing for example a minions or heroes. So thats a good thing too


Hello chad, sorry for taggin you. I know you have maxed your Fenrir relatively not much ago. Any experience with him on attack? Do you use it on defence in place of Vela?

I voted Fenrir based on how things are now, but I’d be waiting till after new costumes are out in January and if you get Thornes costume I’d do him instead.

I voted for Thorne as he has been loved the least. Until the last batch of S1 costumes come

Hi lex. Haven’t noticed and difference on defense of Fenrir versus Vela. The best thing about Fen is if you kill the enemy with a shot, it only takes 3 ghost tiles to fully recharge him. He can literally kill three people in a row with favorable tiles. That’s super satisfying.

I voted for Fenrir.

Thorne is too underwhelming compared to the rest. His costume may or may not change that. He is offensive, but not a sniper.

The other two seem good, but aren’t offensive.

Fenrir isn’t a typical sniper exactly, but he’s a sniper with a great finisher.

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