Ice dilemma

I’m about to finish off my THIRD C-Sonya (+20,+19 and soon to 4-70). In the costume round I pulled Kiril which I have @+19,+7 &4-70. I also pulled Magni which has eluted me for TWO year. I don’t know which one should I feed. I know the answer is it depends so here is the rest of the blues and they are not from St Louis.
Grimm +20
Richard +6
Iscarnia 4-80
Thorne 4-80
Vele 1-1

In the sniper world I have
Sartana+3, Seshat+9, Khiona+1,Domitia3-70
Joon +3 with option build out costume and a 3-70,G Jackel+14, Leo 4-80
Kingston +7, Hansel +3, Lianna+3,Peters4-70 Eveyln+14(know not sniper but is my go to green with +20c-Mel)
Majana +11

So all opinions are appreciated

I tend to lean towards Magni. In reading your post, it’s hard to tell if you got costume or not. If you do, that’s like two heroes. If not, he’s still solid.

I also like diversity, and you don’t have him.

But, do you have the scopes?

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I have scopes and costume for the blue sniper

I agree with @littleKAF… Magni will be a nice addition to your blue squad… especially with his costume.

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I made sure to listen to Gloria when making this decision, and agree with Magni as your option.

Magni is the best option IMO. Also, do you have 2 separate C Sonya with maxed emblems? Do you not have another paladin more worthy?

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Do magni without constume is good ? I hv 2/60 now but don’t go further as I’m worried about his defence power , very weak .

one sonya @20 and one 19. They are fast and 721,856,1208 that makes the nearly 5’s. with their versatilityand the rareness of cleaners, they are go to ladies. About to finish a third but will not get emblems

may finish a costume on Kiril since it will cover 3 hero’s and give me that 5/5/10 bump on 3 hero’s the +20 Kiril will go to to 770,772,1290 and that’s a 5* healer. Then hit Magni

I have a costumed and a regular as well. Fully maxed guardian falcon. Pulled the emblems off or Justice and gave them to the Sonya’s. Totally get it, fast is huge

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