Who deserves to be ascended with the next set of 6 scopes?

The ice heroes i currently have maxed are Vela, King Arthur, Misandra and Alice.

I’m just waiting on a couple of more scopes now to to fully my next blue but have a dilemma and could use some advice. My choice is between:

  1. Costume Magni (Magni currently at 3/70)
  2. Master Lepus
  3. Skadi
  4. Richard
  5. Raffaele
  6. Isarnia
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IMO, Costume Magni, then Master Lepus, then Skadi, then Raffaele.


I currently have leveled to 4th tier: Fenrir, Vela, Miki, Raffaele, Richard, Alice, Frida. I have enough scopes to level 1 more ice hero. Who should I ascend next?

Athena, Cobalt, Magni+Cos, Krampus, Snow White, Glenda, Thorne, Master Lepus, Perseus, Rumpelstiltskin, King Arthur, Misandra, Isarnia+Cos, Dup.Richard, Dup.Fenrir, Dup.Raffaele, Dup.Vela, Dup.Alice, Dup.Frida?

Cobalt 1st, then next maybe Magni.C, Krampus, Lepus.

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Cool, thanks, appreciate it, I will focus on this.

Cobalt, especially if you have any other 5* ninja.

This. No other hero can do what she does in debuffing regular defense of the enemy target and nearby up to (or down to) - 65%, save costumed Brienne. Ideal against red titans, certain events, maps and in PVPs, especially now against enemy raid defense formation employing double or reverse double setup where her former hit 3 becomes a hit all under the right circumstances. She pairs well with your Frida.

But that’s just me.

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Thanks, appreciate it