Alice or Frosth?

I was lucky enough to pull Alice during latest Wonderland and Frosth just now.
I do have enough material for ascending a Blue 5*.
Considering that I have maxed: Ariel, Cobalt, Magni, Glenda, C.Richard, Arthur and Frida;
that Raffaele is at 3.70 and that Krampus, Thorne, Magni(2), Alice and Frosth are at 1.1, what would you ascend first?

I would do krampus first. You already have a sniper in Magni/cobalt and I don’t see any benefice in leveling frosth for any one.
A taunt is awesome to counters all those AoE hitters.


I would also go with Krampus. He is an elite tank. Alice is very good sniper but you have enough firepower. Frosth is interesting but not enough to put him over Krampus.

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I can vouch for krampus, he is a hero that can be used effectively on offense as a support, often absorbing multiple specials and buffing. Also excellent on defense as a tank or tank, as definitely improved my war defense greatly since getting him.

Also paring him with another winter hero like mother north makes him even better

Krampus. A wonderful tool in offense. Amazing

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Krampus is a must, but nice to have Alice waiting in the wings foe the future

Thanks guys. I must confess, I did not consider ascending him so far.
I have Qeen of Hearts maxed for a long time but never got any benefit from her taunt.
I don’t plan to have Krampus in defense. If he’s good in offense, I’ll give him a chance.

The big advantage from krampus over QoH is he is independent from received damage.
With QoH after one hit most of the time her minion is gone and the taunt also, with krampus you can get a lot more hits, dispellers are relative rare in defenses so he works much better.

Oh how I love Krampus! He’s there on offense & defense, not only showering heroes with minions takes the heat. Raids & wars have been won by Krampus.

The combo Krampus & Frosth shall be interesting, isn’t it?

If you put in Frida the minions can exploit the elemental defense down and can do increased damage.

I don’t have any of your heroes (Only Ariel & Richard) but this shall be a really nice synergy.

Yes, but it is hard to take Frosth when you already have 1 support hero. I’ve been using Toxicandra, Krampus and Mica together. Works well, but raids are SLOW. Would be a similar problem with Frosth + Krampus

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