Please help me decide who to level

Which purple to Max next. My second Sartana, Zulag, Aeron , Domitia, or Malicna? Already have Sheshat, Sartana, and Clarissa.


Zulag if you are running purple tanks in wars, if not I would probably max Aeron

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Or maybe it is enough with 3 good purple for the moment, take the others to 3.70 and play around.

Or maybe its me, having too many heroes on the bench. Nowadays I only level if they are needed or superb.

Happy gaming

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I would say Malicna or Zulag personally.

You have a strong core of snipers so not sure you need another unless your play style really lends itself to snipers.

  • Domitia is a decent sniper that debuffs, but you have Seshat doing that better already unless you want the situational yellow D boost.

  • Sartana I would skip personally as you have one and I avoid dupes. Again, you also have a stable of snipers.

  • Aeron could be good, but personally I think a heavily emblemed and/or costumed Rigard or Sabina can make due without wasting the 4* mats. If you feel otherwise I get it, I don’t know the full situation.

Malicna gives you the ability to drop D at the 5* level so she is more durable than even a +20 Tibs w/ CB. She can also drop A, or do both to a large percentage with her option 1. Option 1 can swing a match. She also hits multiple enemies, which you don’t have much of in purple now. She can weaken enemies for your two snipers to finish two off. She will also boost the mana of all other purples in your team (not sure if you mono). He A value and basic special damage is solid too.

Zulag would be good too, albeit confrontational to say in the forums. People really hate her. She is easily worked around in D due to the debuff, but I think where she can be really helpful is PvE. I don’t know your full roster, but on hard stages she can be a force to keep people alive. She adds to her HoT with minions and could go off more combined with Malicna. She is potentially useful on offensive raids as well depending on your team. Some
people prefer two healers and she is a great pair in a team.

My .02 cents. Let us know how it goes! Good luck out there.



Thanks. Gonna go Zulag for war tank and titan help. Appreciate the insight!

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If you have a plan and are happy with it, then great! Congrats on the ascension. Let us know how it goes.


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