Purple tank advice for wars: Zucrap or C. Rigard

Hey guys! Need some advice for purple tanks. Unfortunately as F2P, it’s pretty slim pickings

Although im a fan of neither (healing tanks are basically mana gas stations), i think c.rigard might be one of the better ones. thoughts?

Here’s my purples and the rest of the roster


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You’ve answered your own question. I agree with you, too. He’s great.

Why not using Sartana as a tank?

Having seen your roster, I’d go with Lianna - Garnet - Sartana - c.Richard - Joon.

Or Domitia. If she fires her special, she and her flanks will get +94% defence against Holy, so using yellow stack against Domitia tanking is quite risky.

A good option as well.

Well Sartana/Dom is only +7 on emblems and snipers dont seem to do as well at tank (at least from watching the war boards) so was a bit hesitant on using them.

But of the two, i think Dom would be better so maybe once they’re emblemed up, i can try using them.

Anyone have experience using zucrap in war or she’s as bad as people say on the forums even in war when flags get weaker

I suppose you mean Zulag. In my opinion she is a weak tank. I usually dump tiles into her, she can fire her special multiple times, but it doesn’t hurt me at all. Then she can be easily dispelled. cRigs buffs attack of whole defense team, so slash attak and special attacks from defensing team are stronger.


Due to my playing stile, I find easier beating healer tanks rather than offensive ones, even if they’re snipers.

Regarding Zulag, I got 4 copies of her when she was released as a HOTM and I used one of them in the HA to retrain her. The rest haven’t been touched yet. It’s up to you if you want to max her or not. She would be one of the last options to ascend. I hate semi healers and her innate ability is useless.

Whenever I face her as a tank (not so much, really), I first kill the wings and then the flanks. She, as a tank, is a wall where you can match tiles without worrying. (I mentioned my strategy against her in another threads).

And above all, if you refer to her as “Zucrap”, it shows that you don’t love her so much. :sweat_smile::rofl:

As a non native english speaker, I didn’t get the joke :rofl:

I give her tabards, because we ran purple tanks at war. Worst decision ever. Now, even I have only 13 other maxed 5 star heroes, I don’t use her at all, even at war. Even Noor is more usefull…

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Yeah. She reminds me of Aegir and I could beat Aegir tanks with 3* back in the days. Same with healing tanks. Only with bad boards can a healing tank get you but in such cases, a proper tank would have ended the battle long ago

In some ways, C.rigard is similar (especially since the alliance is mid level) but it’s the attack boost that keeps me from dismissing it and going with the still not ideal Sartana/Dom options.

@Silencio Yeah i don’t like her at all. That being said, I was curious about how things would go if her flanks were dangerous (e.g Isarnia/C.azlar). My thought process was that it would invite a dispeller AND a cleanser since even slash attacks under Isarnia’s -44% can cause serious damage and bring it low enough for C.azlar to finish it.

If they do go with the dispeller/cleanser, that could potentially make the attacking team less ideal

Just throwing some ideas out haha

I’m not a native either.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

Crap = rubbish

Ofc, the heroes you mentioned, if they fire at that order, it would be a really hard double hit, but since Zulag doesn’t boost VIT, another strategy would be waiting to charge all your heroes and focus on one of them.

I know that dispellers aren’t so common in 5* heroes. Maybe I find easy beating Zulag as I have the Hatter and Seshat to dispel her, so I don’t need to use Melendor or Sabina.

If you don’t have a clear strategy, then test different combos and see which is the best. Obviously, in rush both Isarnia and C. Azlar would be a nightmare.

No to Zulag. Our esteemed @JonahTheBard while a visitor in my alliance tried her out and she just plain underperformed. I’d be reluctant to waste an easy kill, like costume Rigard a tank position however. You’d be better off for you and your alliance to be a maverick and choose your best tank in your team and roster imo.

F2P here also, and I ran Domitia +18 at tank of my standard raid defense team for a long time because I didn’t have a traditional tank in any color. She kept me on the border of diamond and platinum most of the time. So she’s not totally useless there. I’d take her there over Sartana because of her rogue class (chance to dodge) and her buff against yellow. (Mono yellow + bad board that lets her fire = you’re gonna have a bad time.)

I also have a maxed Zulag, which I unfortunately haven’t used much. She did perform well for me on offense - protecting a couple of my hitters - in today’s rush attack war. I intended to try her on defense more than I have, but then I started drawing some excellent tank candidates (Bertila, Heimdall, Krampus… yes, F2P, I promise. Just got lucky.) Also, I found Brynhild +19 to be more effective than anticipated with her insta-heal and undispellable buffs, especially now with raid formations that extend those to cover everybody (and fast speed vs. Zulag’s average).

I really, really wanted to like Zulag, but so far, my other options have been better. I don’t know if C. Rigard would be a significant upgrade, though. Four-star stats vs. five-star, plus Zulag is a paladin (chance for extra def buff), and C. Rigard is similarly average speed and dispellable. Given the choice between just those two - or between the quartet of Zulag, C. Rigard, Domitia, and Sartana - I’d give Zulag a shot. I see that you don’t have her maxed, though, so that’s a consideration. Who else can you reasonably expect to draw? Is she any more or less useful than Quintus or Obakan?

Wow nice pulls! Yeah i was just thinking about the same with C.Rigard. If zulag is hated because she’s dispellable, C.rigard is pretty much the same. In fact, i think it might be worse than Zulag because all it brings to the table that Zulag doesn’t is the attack up. zulag has a ton of defensive buffs to let the flanks have a higher chance to fire (or on paper)

As for Dom, i dont have the costume and she’s incredibly squishy so any 3 stack of another color can easily knock her out through tile damage, bypassing the rogue talent proc. Ive dealt with dom tanks with 4* and i remember being really easy to take out. Same goes for Obakrap and Quinwuss, i think the latter is useful in fast mana but that’s about it. Both are pretty weak otherwise.

I guess I’ll try Zucrap then. Got 19 tabards and as f2p, i doubt ill get anything decent anytime soon. Thanks for the insight!

As an aside, my alliance rotates tank colors according to HOTM color so thinking ahead on the inevitable purple. Maybe the better solution is switch instead of wasting tabards haha

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Well, I opted not to waste my tabards on firstly Zulag earlier this year (I do have two other useful purple 5*'s), then Mok-Arr a couple of weeks ago then I got an Alfrike (an actual candidate). Just because you have the mats does not mean you have to use them immediately.

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That’s been easy for me in my first year+ of playing. I still don’t even have enough of most mats to use them YET. :roll_eyes::wink::joy:

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But it’s great asking questions, my first 9 months here no one would talk to me and I got some shocking advice elsewhere. Just keep asking!

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The best advice I got early on here was to love my 4* and not to be in too much of a rush to get the legendaries up. We all love those beefy 5* stats, but the important things are skills and synergy, not the imaginary number that is Team Power. Bring your favourite 5* to 3.70 while waiting by all means - some of them are quite usable at that level - but you are not helpless as long as you have a bunch of decent 4*. For example I have a well emblemed Frigg, but will often opt for the notoriously squishy Hansel instead, because what he does suits the need of the moment. This does not work well on defence though!

Yeah as F2P, there was no choice. Even in wars, i will very often use my 4*+18 and leave my 5* unused because the synergy is better. Sometimes, i wont even use an emblemed 5* hero

The problem is that I need a powerful purple option. After looking into it, i think it’s better not to waste my tabards even though I have 19.

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