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I’ve had trouble getting tabards in this game over the last 2 yrs and now have 10 , I have Kage (purple 5 star) fully leveled , not sure who to ascend next regular sartana or maliscna ? or none and wait for a better 5 star purple ?

I would probably max Sartana first, she is usefull everywhere and she is really good


Depends on what kind of player you are. If you are f2p/vc2p, I’d vote for Sartana too. She is fast, and you can fire her quicker than Malicna.

I’m assuming you don’t have a mana 23 troop you could use for Malicna?

Otherwise, if you are summoning soon, I’d hold off in case you get a better purple.

Finally, 16 tabards in two years (10 + 6 used on Kage) sounds low. Are you making sure to complete the Morlovia Rare Quest every time it comes around? A different Rare Quest spawns approximately every 10 days.


I hear good things about Sartana. I had a similar quandary with purples, and my more knowledgeable alliance mates pretty much unanimously said Sartana.

16 tabards over 2 years is not necessarily low, as the rare quests will only yield 4-5 tabards a year. And a brand new player will not even be able to complete those quests until they build up a solid starting team.


Sartana is excellent. I have two maxed. And then I pulled her costume which only enhances her excellentness(:face_with_raised_eyebrow:). Unless you are making lots of portal summons to get say a Dark Lord or a Dr. Moreau then you really can’t go too far wrong with Sartana.

As comparison, in 3 years I have accumulated 37 Tabards (but only 24 Tomes).



That is a word (now :wink:)

For what it is worth I was going to say Malicna. Kage is a fast sniper, you’re good there. Malicna can drop D and if you’re going mono boost speed of other purples. You have someone to hit 1 hero really hard already. I know you listed your 5’s, but she can make your Tibs, Rigard, Cyprian and Sabina faster too. Especially PvE you need heroes to hit more than one enemy.

If you don’t mono I would need more info. Roster dependent. The ULTIMATE question: which hero do YOU want to play with more ? :+1:



I agree here. I have a maxed Sartana that only ever comes out on class trials. Otherwise she is a pretty generic sniper, and personally I am not a fan of snipers. They have their place - particularly powerful ones like Gefjon and Uraeus and to a lesser extent the costumed S1 snipers, but multi hitters and support heroes are usually more value.

The way I run Malicna is probably a bit unique where I have her going with Grimble who I can fire in 9 tiles. At that stage he gives mana to all and so she gets sped up to 9 tiles. If I didn’t have Grimble I would give her the level 17 mana and all the cleric emblems to make her a baseline 9 tile hero.

She hits decently especially with buffs and debuffs in place. Her elemental link if you run 3 or more purples is really, really good. As I run her on teams with a Freya or Bera tank the mana cut they give is totally negated by her elemental link which can prevent a catastrophic game loss if tiles dry up.

The alternatives obviously vary significantly with alternative 1 being way OP. It has turned the tide of battles for me. Alternatives 2 and 3 I don’t think are as bad as people make them out to be, as they essentially flip around defense and attack debuffs by their nature and something like -16% attack will be the difference between being killed by a strong sniper and surviving. I also run Tiburkiss so I get to decide whether to fire him or hold him depending on whether she gets Alternative 1. Worst case scenario Tibs hits a bit faster and then gives the bigger defense down.

I am also going to run her as tank in this upcoming war as a bit of an experiment. She only has 4 emblems so it could end up in disaster, but should be a fun ride.

I definitely would not advocate waiting to get a “better” purple. This game is about having fun, and forever waiting for a better hero to come along will not give you that fun.


It does depend a lot on your playing style.

I personally tend towards snipers and healers, taking out the enemy one hero at a time. That tends to colour my views. If you like using snipers then Sartana is a good one, especially for f2p. If you prefer the heavy support / synergy game, one that is a tad harder to play with mainly S1 heroes, then Malicna is (theoretically) a good one. I am currently working on Malicna myself but I have little experience using or facing her yet so I can’t say from experience how good she is yet.

Plus, she will become part of my purple mono stack that is mainly for wars. I am not sure she would make it to my purple 3-stack that I use in raids.


I find snipers to be particularly useful for attack teams in PVP battles, as too much splash damage ends up setting off all of your opponents’ specials. Single target snipers are ideal for the ghosting / one by one assassination approach.

I love fast and very fast heroes too, that’s why I initially suggested Sartana to the OP.

I can definitely see the argument for Malicna. I’m lucky to get her and loving her mana gain already, even though most of my dark 5* are fast anyway. :rofl:

I can also agree with @Homaclese on not waiting for a “better” hero, which unfortunately may not turn up at all. It’s been a mixed bag in my experience.

I have had some great luck recently, so my patience/ascension procrastination has unexpectedly paid off. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I don’t believe opponents gain mana from special attacks. The problem with splash attacks to me is that they are generally too diluted for a kill except as cleanup.

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I agree. It is too darn low. It’s like playing this game like 10 minutes a day. I have played for 2+ years and I have 7 unique maxed purple legendaries without buying those ascension materials from offers or from the in-game Shop. And I still have 22 in my inventory where Kunchen, 2nd Clarissa, Grimble, Zulag and Quintus, all at 3/70, are begging me to give them royal tabards. Currently working my 3/10 Obakan to max his 3rd tier of ascension. I still have spare 2nd Domitia (with costume) and 2nd Sartana (w/o costume) standing by.

Same suggestion. I would go for Malicna than Sartana. I have my Sartana maxed since 2018 and rarely sees action since last year. After I am done with Obakan, I am going to level Malicna and choose between her or Grimble to fully ascend. Maybe both. For sure, Malicna would have good synergy with my Panther as both hit 3 and I can make the HOTM fire in 9 tiles with my purple mana troop. My real issue is with emblems. I can’t provide Malicna much emblems since most of them are with my Snow White, 2 Rigards with costume, Ariel, Woolerton and Hawkmoon. I don’t have the same appreciation with Sartana as before since I don’t have her costume and I don’t have spare emblems for her since my wizard emblems are with Alfrike+20, Onatel+20, Kiril+7, Grevle+19 and Bat+18.

I trust Malicna would serve best your game play if you run mono. If not, double sniper in Sartana would not be a bad idea.


I do it a bit differently @TGW and @nevarmaor, not that one is “right”. I typically only have 1 sniper in each team. An exception would be a pseudo sniper like Caedmon +20 in addition to say Lianna, but if it weren’t the dispel or cleanse I was needing he wouldn’t be there.


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There are so many different ways to play this game, that is part of why I am still here after 37 months. For the first two years I used exclusively snipers and healers, mainly because that was what the game kept giving me and also because it worked for me. Now I am working on how to play slow heroes as well. I love using Elena (with costume) and Isarnia now teams with Ariel as the two in my 3-2 raid team for 98% of my raids. Next will be synergies between heroes. My favourite 3stack is C.Rigard - Domitia - C.Sarnia. That threesome when fired together can take out just about anyone. Now I can’t wait to start playing with Malicna. And Isarnia makes even Malosi hit hard.

All provided of course I get the board I need :rofl:

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You’re lucky. For a while I was just getting healers and riposters so I could get hit forever and never die.

Mine is almost to final ascension. She is like 3:67 or something. I am debating where to slot her. I typically fire Tibs - Quintus - Domitia for clean up. That works really well. They are positioned with Domitia in the middle for yellow D boost. I don’t typically mono so I will need to think how to shuffle things around. I don’t have many emblems for Malicna either once maxed.

Congrats on the pull!



You might be right on that, I just assumed they charged up every time so much as a fly landed on them…

But also agree with your point that splash attacks rarely result in a kill. At least not offensively, since the defenders get their 20% hidden buffs and all.

As for other types of heroes… originally I thought healers and support heroes were best. But is there anything more tedious than a healer vs. healer PVP battle? 10 minutes of back and forth and nobody on either side is dying… ugh. Those probably rank up top as being my least favorite kind of battles.

RE: riposters - I used to think they were best for defense, and I used to hate fighting them. Until durrr I figured out I could just avoid hitting them and/or dispel them. Now I find them to be more useful on offense, because computer AI doesn’t seem to have figured that out yet.

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Agreed. Haven’t had a riposte hero in my D in a couple years at least but still busy them out on PvE offense. Not so much raid offense. He gets a lot of hate due to the weak riposte, but I like bringing costume Boril against those AoE hitters. Knowing everyone is covered no matter anyone shoots is nice.

Sure, no argument there. I think the benefit it weaken them to be finished through various means. Any damage is helpful. Say I can only clip an enemy with a single tile, maybe the previous turns splash damage makes the difference of them being dead :man_shrugging:. I guess:

Hurting enemy = good
Not hurting enemy = less than good


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Ahhh costumed Boril is nice, isn’t he? Wish I could have full team riposte on me all the time.

As for the hurting enemies part… I don’t always necessarily have to hurt all the enemies at once. Usually there is one in particular that I absolutely need to get rid of if I hope to be successful (Alberich and Mother North come to mind). That is when snipers come in handy.

Yeah, please don’t do this! Choose one and ascend it, learn to use it and enjoy it. The fallacy of waiting for a “better card”, is that there is always a “better card” just over the horizon. You’d paralyze your gameplay to a complete standstill.

Having a diverse roster (some would refer to it as sub optimal) and not just the cut-and-paste must have heroes, makes the game fun imo. It forces you to think outside the box regarding team selection. Good luck and happy gaming :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL I had a raid this morning where it came down to me with two healers vs opponent with one healer in the corner. Mine were Ariel and BT, opponent was C.Rigard.

I had to wait until I had a match lined up under him and the hit multiplier was up around 250%.

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