Please help....keeping members

@RedPython .all your requirements are what we look for in recruits except the following.

  1. We don’t use discord.
  2. We not heavily organised with wars but like to participate and have fun if we don’t win we are ok with that we will try again.
  3. If you tell us you not going to be around for a day or so that is fine but a more out than in won’t really work as we are a team and work together especially with titans.

Well that’s what I do. You are right and it’ is seems the appreciation isn’t there

I understand your pain. I’m Co-leader of a young alliance called Clan of the North and we have encountered the same problems. We have reduced minimum requirements to attract new talent but some impatience has led a few to leave after a short time with us. Be patient and be yourself. We have great spirit and we are open to all who put a constant and daily input. This is a game after all.

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Well my alliance is a month and a half old and its lowest player is a 13 I believe and our highest is level 51. Its picking up now. It’s just a game of patience I learned.

What levels are best for finding swords? Now that my training camp is maxed I need more swords than I can find.

From what I found on this forum, your best chance is lvl 19-9.

Hope this helps

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I have never been in an alliance, but I will join yours, Chaos-Reigns… and stick. However, your roster is currently full, so if you want me to join, please send me an invite when you have an open slot.

Jjw is my name in the game.


I definitely will…give me a couple days…we have so.e people about to go

I will contact u here. If u join someone in the mean time I wish u well. Either way you’ll have a spot soon.

Do u have LINE? If so send me a request. Forceunited. Maybe before you move I have a proposal for u and your leader about joining alliances as a family. In the last few days we’ve grew and our power is well

Oh u have never been in an alliance. I just realized that. Ok so forget the talking to your leader. Check back here for my request. I’m hoping tomorrow or the day after

I have your spot. U coming? Hit me back

I switched it to invite only

OK… I was looking this morning for your alliance name to apply, but I will instead look for your invite.

I’ll open it right now it’s house of chaos

I am in. Thank you-- here’s to a long, fun alliance!

I’m a bit of a newbie and wouldn’t mind joining a more active alliance. Will be on vacay in August for 2 weeks so I will likely be a little less active then if that affects your decision.

Guardians Reborn could be right up your street. Our last place is reserved, but if for any reason you’re still looking after your holiday, search us out, reply here or add our glorious leader annie_br on Line app.

Happy hunting

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Check this out

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