Lazy team members

Hi, I’m in need of some thoughts here…my alliance is small and some of our members started playing regularly, but are now getting what seems to be lazy or uninterested in lvled up, fighting titans and wars, I am the leader and most have been here with me for some time,

I continually have to repeat myself saying the same things over and over again, some are Elders and I’m thinking demote them back to members as I don’t want to put them on blast in chat or lose them as members, they are good players

Any advice will help and thanks in advance .

Do you have an external chat app where you can PM them? Line, Discord, etc?


@NPNKY, no I don’t, as you may know some are in other states or countries, so there is a time discrepancy, they may not even come on then, and some of these players are the same ones who complain about others doing the same thing… sheesh smh

Occasionally it’s time to show the members that you’re serious. It’s too bad you don’t use Discord (or Line), because you’re missing out on a very important tool for yourself and your co-leaders. It’s not really a discussion you can have on the game chat.

If we were faced with your situation, using our Discord server, the co-leaders and I would make a list of who we think are the biggest offenders. We’d put a message on the Featured board stating our policies regarding titan and war flags.

Then, if our worst offender wasn’t stepping up in some given time period, they’d be removed with the message to the remaining members how important it is to the other members to stay active and help each other reach their goals.

That may be enough to have them see you’re serious. Otherwise, move on to the next offender and repeat the process.

Eventually you should end up with a dedicated core group of players who can respect that you are trying to protect them and the alliance, and that you’re serious about it.

I highly recommend you get Discord or Line, even if you only use it for private messages between you and the members, or as a discussion server for leadership.


I’d recommend doing this then:

Use the alliance banner to communicate with everyone.

Clearly state what the expectations are, and what the consequences will be for not meeting these requirements.

Then follow through with the consequences.

For example, in our alliance, we expect everyone to hit each titan unless leadership announces to let it escape. We expect everyone to use all 6 war flags if they’re opted in, but we don’t mind if someone opts out. We use Discord to communicate, and if someone misses a war or titan, I can message them and find out if everything is okay. If it persists, and they don’t have a good reason, they get kicked


@princess1, @NPNKY, thank you both for your insight and suggestions, I will do just that and try to use Line or Discord … I can get either thru Google play , is that correct ? I never tried it before but I am willing to try anything now, I do use the chat banner, I’ll try to get all my team members to do the same, thanks again !!


We use Discord so I can only speak of it. It’s a great app, and yes, available through Play Store.

Once you have it, you can explain to your members that it’s not social media - it’s merely an extension of the current game chat available only to your members.

It’s a great way to share screenshots of your rosters, exchange game info., get to know each other and post pet photos!

Explain that your members don’t need to be chatty if they don’t want to, but they can read all the tips and suggestions.

I’d love to hear back from you once you’ve used it for a bit. I’m sure you’ll quickly appreciate how powerful it is to actually be able to communicate in more than short, disappearing posts!


Leader sets the tone of the alliance. You can decide what requirements and activity level fits your goals. The game is more fun when playing with people of similar playstyle: casual player in a competitive alliance will feel overwhelmed while the others frustrated because of his/her low performance, competitive people in a casual alliance will feel the others are lacking effort while the others frustrated because of his/her hyperactivity and complaining. I don’t think lazy is the best word, they simply want something else from the game.

Make the expectations clear, communicate regularly. Enforce if necessary, but be fair and consistent. Demotion is a tool to show your dissatisfaction, asking someone to leave or even booting is sometimes necessary. You can help these people with pointers on how to find new alliance (AR, forum, Line, Discord, Reddit…).

Off game communication like Line or Discord can help in settling these issues in pm instead of alliance chat.

Good luck!


@princess1, @SilverDragonR, thank you both so very much, I’m posting in chat for our members to download Discord today, I know I will have to post a couple of times , but you both are right , as leader , I need to reinforce the rules of our alliance participation, @princess1 , I’ll let you know how this works out for us… Again thank you all for you help, I appreciate it so very much !!!


Do you accept new people? I’m only level 21 at the moment, just figuring everything out, and I left my alliance because no one talked and when asked if I should use my resources for a flipping three star dragon (I guess they always let those escape?) No one answered. So me and a few others who seem determined, hit the dragon, while the leaders, who could definitely hit for much higher, did nothing. That was the last straw. I was determined the kill that thing on my own and I used two refill flasks and did a piddling total of 90,000 damage. I thanked the people who helped me, then left. Yes, right before war. I know, it’s a **** move, but I’d asked questions about letting the Titans escape that went unanswered for multiple days, twice, when the leaders were active hourly. I’m still annoyed. Anyway, I work from home so I have the time to devote to an alliance/wars.

I’ve since joined a new alliance that seems active enough. They fight stronger Titans , but I fear there’s a similar issue here. I’m about to level up and I still have a refill flask. Anyway, just thought I’d ask. I suck, but I’m learning and working on it.


Line or Discord can be helpful, but we don’t use any outside communication…We occasionally have to have the discussion as an alliance re whether we care if people are lazy. All we ask is that people let us know if they will be gone, and some don’t. Demoting people gives them a wake up call that you’re serious.

As co-leader, I work best as “good cop,” promoting people to elder if they play hard for two weeks and encouraging those who do well. For us it works best to have another leader play “bad cop” & give warnings. The one time I tried “bad cop” because the real one was in the hospital, one player rage quit and the alliance as a whole felt like I was going to kick everyone out. I think it felt like their mom was turning on them all of a sudden! I apologized and the alliance now affectionately calls us good & bad cop…and gently reminds me if I get too “harsh.” (My harshest still includes pleases & thank yous).

“Bad cop” got out of the hospital, gave a few warnings, kicked three more people out, and made room for some great players:. 1 newbie, 2 mid-level, and a high scorer whose previous alliance didn’t chat or teach her anything!!! (Players like that have a huge growth curve!!)

As others have said, don’t be afraid to prune dead wood. Make your alliance a friendly, welcoming place that people miss when they’re away. You will attract good, long term players who want to work as a team to be great. Follow your own rules so the ones who fight don’t get discouraged.

All the best to you! I know it was scary for me to trust the process…



GhostMel - If you’re looking for alliance to grow with, try Azure Winds. We are very friendly and informative.

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I just joined one, but I do need one that suits my needs better, I think. I will check yours out after this Titan. Thank you so much! I just need a bit more interaction. Like… any lol. These past two haven’t had that at all. I really appreciate it. Do I need to send a request?

Edit- OMG! I would be total dead weight for you guys. I’m only level 22. And just learned how to prioritize character levelling and am working on positioning, etc.

If you are still looking for an alliance check us out at Flashes of Competence. All levels welcome! We started out as just a few players who fled another alliance so we know the feeling!

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Thanks! Looks like you might be full tomorrow, though. I’ll keep checking. My current Titan war won’t be done for ten hours yet.

You guys are all way better than me. I would hate to drag an alliance down. Especially in wars. I’m really worried about being essentially useless for a while.

If you mean Competence, we can’t seem to get that last slot filled 💁. And unfortunately we are probably going to kick someone tomorrow. We have 2 hard and fast rules. No going MIA for more than 2 weeks without notice and must use at least 1 war flag in 1 out of 3 wars.

We don’t get worked up about Titan escapes or war losses if people do what they can.

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That sounds ideal. I don’t care if the Titan escapes if everyone at least tries, either. That was my problem with my last one. The highest rated, most active members didn’t hit the thing once. We could have beaten it if everyone used half their flags. I wasted two flasks. I’m stupidly butthurt about it still lol.

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Lol! I get it! I hate to use flasks and then it get away!

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You’re welcome to join my alliance; Team Super Saiyan God. 26/30 members. We kill 7* titans and the occasional 8*. Members of all levels. We have a Line group chat that is fairly active. Be happy to have you!

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Not dead weight at all. We enjoy helping committed players who are new-ish develop their skills and knowledge base so they can become awesome players. I started out with Azure Winds when I was level 20 and they taught me so much and were so nice that I just kept sticking with them. You are welcome to join if you want.

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