Alliance - should I stay or should I go?

I’m looking for advice and opinions although I know that in the end it’s up to me to make the decision.
Here’s my thought process: I have been playing for a bit more than two months now and continuously been making progress. But for the last weeks I feel stuck: I can’t ascend my 4* heroes because I’m lacking all kinds of ascenscion items. So I went to the forum to seek a solution.
Chests, mystic vision and quests I’m doing on a daily basis. The problem seems to be my Titan loot tier. I joined my alliance two months ago and we’ve been killing 5*s - never higher. I think we don’t have enough active members, there are only about 20 members attacking the titans.
My main reason to stay is sentiment. I don’t want to let the others down by leaving. It was my first alliance, although I didn’t think about the decision at all I feel like I was really lucky with my choice.
But after reading all kinds of threads on this forum I feel like I’m missing out on more active alliances. Not just because of the titans but also in communication. We never talk about tacticts or other in-game topics which is what I realized I’m missing while reading here.

Those are my options:

  • staying and wait a few more weeks if sth changes
  • staying and trying to find new members
  • looking for a more active alliance

What are your thoughts?

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What do you want to do?

Do you want to stay in the alliance and hope for change?
Do you want to stay in the alliance because its a great group of people you enjoy interacting with?
Do you have the time, energy and mandate to kick and go hunting for new members?
Do you want to try a new alliance to take you playing to the next level?

Hard to give you any solid advice except this.
Do what you want to do, its only a game after all


Go straight to my alliance - Trem Tran - 7* and 8* which means good chances at worthwhile loot. We chat and are always willing to help. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, it seems like you have simply outgrown your current alliance and it’s time for a change.


I’d bail. My first alliance was the same way. Game improved greatly for me when i found a more active one. Increased my progress, knowledge, and my interest


Staying in an inactive alliance is the worst choice you can make, which is what all of us here can agree on. If 20/30 participation on titans is a regular thing, you should definitely consider switching to another alliance. Recruitment for an alliance is a very difficult thing and you will be regularly out competed by alliances killing higher star titans (see below; if you can’t beat them, join them, hint hint :rofl:)

My alliance is called The Gallos and we are hunting 7* and 8* titans and also happen to be looking for some recruits. Titan loot tier does affect your chances of receiving ascension materials needed to progress. We usually end up with 27/30 participation on titans when full, and the rewards for 8* are decent enough, even for C loot tier. We just flasked down a 9* last weekend in celebration of one of our old time player’s retirement. I think you will enjoy us very much. I have posted a recruitment message on the forum as well. Let me know if you have any questions about our group.

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Have a similar problem, my alliance is not that active and the power range of players is pretty big. Also the leader has been inactive for over a week. The highest titan we’ve beaten is a 4* and only once or twice depending on how many people take part in the attack. I’m thinking of leaving but I’ve kinda grown attached to this alliance… :confused:

I don’t know how strong your team is or your cup level, so I can’t exactly refer you to my own alliance here. This is unfortunately, a very common problem where alliance members who have grown together as a family get hampered down by leadership that goes inactive without proper notice and no way for others to step into power. If you have a decent number of people who are active, like OP, another idea would be to elect a leader in chat and get them to spend 50 gems to make another alliance and fill that one up with the active players. A merger with another alliance is also possible, but can be a bit tricky to negotiate. Here are some general guidelines of how strong of titans you should be fighting if you are trying to find another alliance of good fit:

1*/2*= You have a starter team
3*/4*= You have levelled up some 2* characters considerably and/or are just starting to level up 3* characters to replace them.
5*/6*= You are no longer using 2* heroes and have put considerable levels/maxed out your 3* team
7*/8*= You are no longer using 3* heroes (or very few, if that) and are working on 4* heroes that range anywhere between tier 3 level 60 and maxed out
9*/10*= It mostly depends on whether or not you have key heroes here. People who can damage enough here usually have Wu Kong, Athena, Boldtusk, Jackal, Panther, etc. A randomly selected maxed 4* team will often come up deficient in titan hits here and even certain 5* heroes when maxed out can be a detriment to your titan hits compared to some 4*s.


This seems to be a growing trend…What cup range can u comfortably stay at ? What’s your current max team power for defense/offense ?
Sounds like you’re very active and eager to grow while being part of the whole experience… :slight_smile:

The problem with a lot of alliances is that they tend to die out as soon as the leader stops playing. A lot of alliances are created. Y new players who give up on the game. If you are still looking for a ln alliance you can give us a try. Troll ticklers. We are only up to 3 star titans but our alliance is only 2 weeks old.

Lyanna - you’re at the point where you want different things than your alliance is providing. That’s completely natural. If your alliances leaders are smart/good, you can chat with them and see what the vision for the alliance is - if it’s casually competitive like what you have now, then that’s not a long term fit for you anymore and you should look to move on. I spent a month longer than I should have before moving on from my first alliance.


Exactly the same here. I play in quite an inactive alliance (62k score, 5* titans. Now back to 4* sometimes). Only 50%-70% participating at titans and war.
Not much communication either.
I started playing end of December, so I am pretty new. Nonetheless I was top scorer in every war until now.
I will stay a little bit longer and hope for improvements, but I’m afraid I will have to leave at some point in the future.
My team is already quite good for everything but titans. I just pulled Wu. I think when he is leveled and I have a better titan team, this will be the point when I have definitely outgrown my current alliance…

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Another one here in pretty much the same exact boat. Been playing 3 months, in alliance 2 and 1/2 months… killing 4*/5* titans and I’m 9/10 times the A+ score. So loot tier 7 or 8 and getting okay ascension items. Maybe every other Titan I get a 3* ascension item or 2. I’m F2P with two TC13s going so am at the mercy of the game for heroes to spend them on. My alliance is casual and decent (usually kill our titans and 5-1 in wars) but not as much involvement as I’d eventually like. Just don’t know quite where to go from here. If I jump to scoring Cs on 7*/8* titans in a random better alliance that’s the same loot tier anyway, right? So the question then becomes how to find an alliance that’s the right fit otherwise…

@Zarsten @Stugots

I would ask both of you the same questions I asked the OP…I may be looking into starting something new with like minded and active individuals, just some food for thought if it sounds like something you’d be interested in…

To answer your questions…
Defense team power is 2890 right now
For offense I basically have three 4s and a stable of attacking 3s to fill out the wings as needed with color stacking, etc
At 1600 cups momentarily but comfortably range from 1300-1500

Definitely interested in new opportunities. Thanks for the response

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You’re perfect :slight_smile: Do you have ‘line’ if not, you should download it, it’s free. Hit me up, I go by ‘wormwood9’

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I am also interested.

Defense team strength is 3270.

I stopped cup dropping a few days ago. Did it because I needed the iron for my second builder.
Now I am at 1987 cups and am feeling quite comfortable. But I never was in that region before, so I cannot be very sure about that :wink:

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Nice, you’re also in a great spot and I’d say you have everything going for ya. Let’s chat, see my response to above, get the app ‘Line’ and find me, I’m ‘wormwood9’

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If you gotta ask, you gotta go.

Those hoping for change, you need to change.

Players who post here regularly will be in alliances with strong cultures. Read posts and identify some names. Put up messages in alliance recruitment calling those names and they will find you.


Exactly…We can close this post now. Nothing else to see here…

Thank you all for your replies! I’m gonna sleep on it, but I think I know now that it’s time to move on :wink:

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