New confused need help figure out which team to work on so I don't get blown away every raid


If anybody can help me I would appreciate it this is all so confusing. Is my team any good at all? Or am I wasting my time . Zeline 2/35,Kiril 3/15, Tuburtus 3/13 nd Gormek 3/1 and Li Xiu 3/3 …always lose more than win. In inventory Chao 2/20 , Kelile,Boltusk,Broil,Sonya, Obakan,Justice ,Grimm and Richard. Which ones should I start working on or feed/get rid of all together ? I don’t want to waste time energy and resources if they’re not going to help me.Any help would be appreciated. This is all too much for me I bring the handle and I’m trying to learn. Is my team any good to begin with the ones I’ve actually ascended? Any any help of any kind thank you so much


Take a breath. You are doing fine with your heroes.

Before looking at teams…plural, are you producing resources at a volume to grow your teams?

I don’t believe you can grow one without the other. That, for me, is why you go raiding. And you have the pieces for a good raiding squad.

In fact, you have heroes many of the E$P wizards praise. But they know what each one does: learn their individual abilities.

First, continue leveling up the 4*. Look at strength to see who your tank is. Who is a fast striker. Do you have a healer. Study Boldtusk and Kiril for raiding and defending against raids.

Losing cups won’t hurt. Clear your tower regularly. Find an alliance that will help with your questions.

Lots of nice folks here who love to help.

Start with one question. Maybe who should be your linchpin.

Good luck


Ok, Bud has it right. This is not a game where you can progress to the top quickly. You have a lot of good heroes and you just need to develop them. One of the many, many mistakes that new players make early on is feeding all other heroes to the ones they are developing. Try to always keep at least one of each hero and mark them as a favorite. If you open up your hero house so you can see your heroes and click on one. Look in the upper left hand corner and you will see a “Favorite” tag. Click on that so you don’ t accidentally feed that hero to another while training them up. Save at least one of every hero 4 star and up no matter how bad you think they are now. You may find out that they are actually game Gold later on after they are long digested by an inferior Hero. (i.e. Wu Kong)

Take it slow. This game is a grind. Even if you use Money it is a grind that costs a lot of money. Just kick back and enjoy where you are now. Continue trying to improve your keep and your heroes. Mostly, have fun. It’s a game.


You should keep every hero you have listed.

Apart from The Provinces (map), Raids and Titans (which might require a different strategy or team composition), E&P just introduced Alliance Wars which is best played with 30 separate heroes, so please don’t shoot yourself in the foot and eat heroes that will serve you later!

You are doing fine. Keep learning the game. There are plenty of threads here on the Forum about raiding. :wink:


Try setting a team for farming a level. (Farming is explained in this forum just search.) If you go back a couple provinces below one that was a problem, you should win them all; look for which hero is always killed before you finish.

Could be color, strength or team. If you can’t figure it out, you come back to the forum.

Everyone is willing to help, but a specific question will be best.


@Bud… Top response. I kinda wondered the same with my heros. At times i thought i was doing well n then other times i was getting pumped and losing quickly. Sometime to gamers of lesser ranking. The puzzle is a probability thing too. Be nice to score a lil bonus 4 a big combo or sumfin…


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my post. It’s all very confusing and my alliance is not very active and it’s hard to find one that’s open that will accept anybody. I have ascended several Heroes and the other ones aren’t strong enough for anything especially raids it’ll be a long time before they’ll be strong enough to use and not get annihilate it with one hit. The ones I have now do that. I think I need to learn to be more patient also it’s definitely looks like a grind any helpful hints always welcome


And thank you for the marking the heroes as favorites hint that is amazing cuz I have accidentally eaten Heroes I wanted to keep a few times. Just trying to get excited to level up nice to know I can protect them. About the troops I didn’t know they grew with power the same way so I was leveling them up with only a few troops at a time hopefully I didn’t ruin future power. Thanks again


If you are looking for a new alliance, there is an Alliance Recruitment section here on the forum which you can peruse as you have time. Most of them indicate what they are looking for in a new teammate.

You can also look at the Alliance Recruitment chat room in the game. The enthusiastic recruiters should be quick to answer your questions. If you are new to the game, you can ask them to post the list of newer alliances (or teaching alliances better yet).

Welcome to the Forum!


@Gizmomom1 3 Blind Assassins is open. I myself am on pretty much 24/7. I have been playing for 8 to 9 months and can help you with your heroes. My other 2 members are on and off frequently. We are fighting 2* Titans at the moment which would help you practice with your heroes. Just search 3 Blind Assassins in the game.