Help me pick the meanest green

  • Lady of the Lake
  • Morgan le Fay
  • Wait for Kingston
  • Wait for Tarlak

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Hi All,

I’ve got a real conundrum. 6 tonics waiting to be quaffed by the right 5 star green.

I’ll put the poll up front, but would be very grateful to anybody who can speak from experience on the heroes who are contenders.

My current maxed greens:

Hansel 2

Here are my contenders:

Lady of the Lake (to replace Kunchen at center D)
Morgan le Fay (for a sick 3 stack with Alby + Lianna)
Kingston (it’s likely I will pull him in October, maybe even better than Morgan for a 3 stack)
Tarlak (it’s unlikely I will pull him in Atlantis, but lord knows he is good)

So… What might I do? A fast action hitter (Morgan, Kingston) would be best for my raids and stacks. A slow healer (LotL) will kick butt at raid-defense and she’s good for war (I can split her and Alby for separate green stacks, each including mana control and hitters).

Morgan looks fun, and she’s cooler than Kingston, who everybody will have by this time next month.

It’s a darn tough call… Help a homie out, if you’ve got an opinion on these matters.

Especially somebody who has LotL maxed - how does she fare on offense? Can you get her to cast? What about defense? Stronger than Kunchen, Aegir, Guin?

Thanks all!

LotL is a nightmarish hero in offense, but I voted for waiting Kingston.

Thanks mate. I’ll be waiting. LotL is obscene once she casts. She basically halts specials for a few turns, until those sword minions die. She really has a fun kit - minion based prevention of special attacks?!

She’s obviously a good fit for titans and PvE. And I could run 2 separate green-stacks in war like so:

Flag A: [Lianna] + [Caedmon] + [LotL]
Flag B: [Alberich] + [Hansel] + [Hansel]

Since Lady of the Lake steps on Hansel’s toes, I could run a hard-hitting team (A) followed by a revive-team, both with intense mana-control. Sorry for spamming lol, it’s helpful to type this stuff out.

Kingston sure looks like a Lianna 2.0 in the same way Seshat is Sartana 2.0 - better secondary effects, but largely a good old fashioned fast-action sniper.

Anyway - I may land on Lady in the end, but I’ve learned that waiting is the best way to go. If I had waited on ascending Azlar, I’d have pulled Gravemaker within a couple weeks, and wouldn’t have used the rings on Azlar. I could, instead, have used them on Grazul, who looks SO FUN running with Grave.

Instead I’ve got Azlar + Gravemaker and they just step on each other’s toes non-stop. Grazul will be next up for red, and I’ll run her with Grave and Wilbur.

While I’m here…

Next Yellow? Nief, Musashi, or Justice
Next Purple? Hel
Next Blue? Miki or Frida (probably Miki for those big titan hits)
Next Red? Grazul for sure. She looks so fun. Red Hood is my other alternative…
Next Green? As stated: LotL, Morgan, or Kingston. We shall see.

Since you have Albie, I’d wait for Kingston. Not many situations where you’ll be using Albie and LotL at the same time. If you face a lot of blue tanks in war, it would be nice to have both anchoring different stacks, but I see them less than 35% of the time, so…

Just so.

The wise move is to hold these tonics into October, in case I pull Tarlak or Kingston. Otherwise I’ll make the call on LotL vs Morgan.

You’re right about using Lady and Alby as anchors for green-stacks at war. In all my war-bouts with my current alliance, the vast majority of teams run yellow or purple tanks. Only one team rocked blue tanks (Aegirs everywhere).

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