My next Green hero

Hi everyone,
since i got my 12th tonic, wondering which hero would you pick to ascend.
My current green roster is : Mother North (+19), Kingston (+19), c Lianna and Ratatoskr (+12)

Heroes availible: Lady Locke (tons of unused emblems), Zocc (about 700 free emblems), 2x Kingston, The Hatter, Bertila.

Common sense telling to pick Lafy Locke, what bothers me there, is equalizer wars, where Locke have almost no use. Zocc might be more universal (as counter fot Alfrike at vf tournes / wars).

Anyway any toughts and ideas very welcome!


I personally really like Lady Locke; even in Equalizer wars.
Having another cleanser is always awersome, particularly in an off-colour like green.
Plus as a bonus, her DoT at max emblems deals more damage out than most snipers do… just a thought.

So yeah, my biased vote is for Locke :stuck_out_tongue:

Zocc would also not be a bad choice but you do have 2 snipers already maxed. Hatter I’ve heard & seen get a fair bit of love, but I guess it depends on how many buff-heavy defences you see at your level? Bertila gets a bit of love in attack as a DoA hero so also would be worth considering. I haven’t levelled any of these three & rarely see them on defence so can’t pass comment on their effectiveness there (not overly by my minor experience there).


Maybe the choice would depend on your roster.

I like attacking cleansers, as there aren’t so many (I just remember now Kong, Zimkitha and Glenda). Besides, lady Locke has a high attack stats and she could pair well with Ratatoskr.

Zocc, although is a bit underrated, is a great mana controller and, as you said, an excellent counter against slow heroes.

If you don’t have dispellers, the Hatter is a nice option. I said a few times in another pairs that I can’t be objective with him, as he was my first 5* from events and I love him. Once you get used to his ability, he can be such a funny hero.

Regarding Bertila, I couldn’t maxed her yet, but the times I faced her in fast wars, she’d hit really hard.

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I only have Bertila, so while she doesn’t cleanse like Lady Locke, she does throw back attack down and def down to the enemy. Which is even better than a cleanse in many cases. And she hits all which your other 5* Greens don’t do.

She’s also sturdier though I don’t have good results with her on defense other than VF wars where she really delivers a punch. Mine is +13 and even going ATK-HP route, her def is over 800


Depends really on your goal. Are you making a monogreen team/rainbow team? Are you using for def team? Raids? War bench?

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Thnx for ideas guys.
Well my green team is pretty much MN - Kingston - c Melandor. Mostly going 3-1-1.
Rarely going againts more than 2 blues.
Not much of fan of pure mono team.
MN and Kingston are part of my def team, so no more room for green there for sure. So def team aint an issue.
Lastly, titan green team is: Miki+19, Almur +20, Rata +12, Kingston +19, and attack node Melandor +20, which would be replaced with any hero with better attack. Sadly dont have any def down green.
Only green cleanser i got is cCaedmon +17.
So yea, Lady Locke will come handy i guess.

For variety, maybe Bertila as you dont have a damage all green yet. But, personally im not a fan of “hit all” heroes since they usually dont kill off anyone. I mean they do serious damage but not enough to kill anyone on their own. Itd be another story if you pair her with a hero that gives def down (Wilbur? Buddy?) Or even another hero that damages all (Killhare, frigg?) Firing off 2-3 “hit all” heroes one after another could clear the board for you.

Zocc is more versatile, mana control is a really useful skill. He can be used even with 2 other snipers as in: tiles to charge heroes can kill tank–> snipers 1 and 2 kill off the most problematic hero, then zocc supresses a 3rd hero.

I dont have Lady Locke so I cant really give a credible review of her, but she does have a unique skill, kinda like Morgan La Fey and from what I have heard/read, unique heroes are really fun to use.

So, in summary, my suggestions are
Bertila: if you have complementary heroes
Zocc: safe bet
Lady Locke: unique, more fun to play with


Yea, its going to be Lady Locke.
As green attack all, i have Horghall custume, since he got buffed, once i will get him from HA10, gonna give him a chance. Somehow its more tempting that Bertila.
Anyway next hero going to be Lady Locke.

Thnx again everyone!

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