Green hero ascending problem

Ok, I thought I had everything sorted. I ascended Tarlak in September as he was my only green except for Margaret, then in October I got Kingston and Lianna. My plan was simple - the next hero to ascend is Kingston. But first token I used today was Mother North! I dont know what to do now. Kingston or MN?

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If you need healers then go MN, if you need snipers then go Kingston. I am in a bit of a pickle myself in terms of my greens on my main. Got Gobbler last Atlantis, then just now got Melendor and Kashhrek. I know I was lacking healers but omg! Anyway, congrats on the MN pull! :grin::+1:


I would not really think of Gobbler as a healer. Sure, he sometimes heals. But that’s definitely secondary.

Where are you in the game? Team power and such?
That very much matters for where to put your resources

Gobbler is not all that useful in any phase; here just doesn’t do any one thing well enough. Kashrek is great through much of platinum, but after that? Not very useful. Melendor can be very useful for a long time.

I have 9 maxed out 5* plus two more at 3.70. I have 23 maxed out 4*. So I’m certainly not at end game status, but I can do a lot of things and have options in war, raids, and tournaments. Melendor gets used every war; Kashrek is situational. Melendor gets used very frequently in raids and tournaments; Kashrek almost never.

But… Kashrek is a strong tank through much of platinum. Melendor is not a tank! If you are in an earlier phase than I am and need a tank, Kash could be the better option to level.


The decision is simple to make. What hero will help you the most? I could tell that hero is MN without even knowing your roster.


I agree with @Scarecrow. There are a lot of snipers. Kingston and Lianna are both great. But there is only one Momma.


@TheAcmeSalesRep My main team mainly comprises of mana stop and cutters along with defense down. Thing is with Melendor, he heals everyone. My main tank atm is Li Xiu, I also got Boril recently so when I get him maxed, I can put him as tank flanked by Kingston and Chao. I am just happy I finally got some healers. I am keeping Gobbler as a minion specialist. Same if I get Capt. Of Diamonds next time Wonderland comes around. Gobbler is useful for the class quests that include druids. As he, viking Sonya, and Ranvir are the few off the top.of my head that I can remember being offensive druids. I will definitely be pairing Melendor with Triton when they both get maxed.


Caedmon and Kadilen are offensive druids as well. I’d much rather use Caedmon than Gobbler.

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@TheAcmeSalesRep Main doesn’t have Caedmon but my first alt does. Got him and LJ #2 right as the event went live.

Seriously? I encountered her for the first time the other day and she was an easy two hit kill. What does she do that is so special if unlevelled 4’s can just delete her?

@sft1965 Watch @Olmor 's videos of Two MNs and a Lady of The Lake on the same raid team and watch the chaos unfold.

Who said is only for defense?

Good question, but the game does not allow you to see attack teams and idle speculation leads to paranoia.

Really? I can see anyone’s. Many players post videos. Like @Aunty_Krauser already told you, just watch those videos and see how useful is MN in attack. I know you are a newbie and you’re still learning, but at least do that. Learn. Let the trolling aside, because is all you do on this forum.


you can see from youtube other players… here is example @Olmor using MN as offense:

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You were clearly facing an unleveled MN. Evaluating heros based on their unleveled abilities is…folly…

@TheAcmeSalesRep. Thank you for being courteous, like I initially said, I have only ever faced her twice and as a result can’t remember her status. She is unlikely to be seen by me as I don’t raid in platinum as I don’t have sufficient offense power. I probably have only about three victories on raid revenge vs teams teams at 3800 pts plus and fail to understand the number of people who raid me with vastly superior teams for gains of 7-11 cups. That combined with the people who raid me and lose keeps me me in upper gold with almost no input from me.

@Scarecrow, we clearly have a mutual similar regard for each other and I don’t really care about your oversized ego, condescending attitude, self congratulation and your efforts to insult me.

@Jinbatsu, I said specifically, “You cannot see people who attack you”. I fail to see what you are getting at by showing attacks against someone as an example of me being wrong, the static defense team cannot view an attack against them. The only thing you can learn about an attacking team is if they had fewer or more team points than you based on the number of cups they gained or lost.

Well I’m just follow this conversation:

  1. @Scarecrow said this:

Here @Scarecrow mention MN = Mother North should ascend 1st because good in defense and also very great in offense.

  1. @sft1965 said:

OK, you said MN is not so good in defense, because MN defeated by unleved 4*.

  1. @Scarecrow said:

@Scarecrow answering that MN is also better on offense.

  1. @sft1965 said:

OK, you can not see MN on opponent as offense.
So, I show you the demonstration MN on offense from Youtube.
Am I wrong here? Or miss understand, because my english is not so good.

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I can see Gobbler being found a bit more often in rosters as the hero’s with minions keeps increasing. I mean just Puss in Boots with Seshat and QoH could potentially turning into a minion massacre.
He kills ALL minions from all enemies and heals all allies, minimally 50hp per minion killed (that’s Gobbler at 1/1) plus he hits all enemies with minimally 125% damage (once again that’s an unleveled Gobbler at 1/1)
I’ve had him on my roster for quite awhile, fed him away many times, glad I kept 1 now.
Strong HotM with minions are becoming much more commonplace. Plus now we have replicator minions, Puss can have a whole clown car of minions and even Druids make thorn minions. So I guess Gobbler was released a bit early to seem useful but he continues to look more and more deserving of those AM’s as more and more minions join the party.

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I just got Melendor (green healer/debuffer) to special skills level 8 before level 2.10. I have issues with a couple of 4 stars, one of them blue (the other most recent blue was maxed before level three) Personally I find it bewildering, but am sure it is just coincidence. Purple seems to be my ‘problem’ colour.

I have zero respect for that individual, so remain unconvinced. I have not watched any Mother North videos on youtube. And like it or not, people have pushed me into platinum (strengthened my defense and gained piles of cups), so I might see more of her.
BTW, your English is good.

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