Player Seeking Alliance

I am currently looking for a new alliance. I had never hoped to leave my current alliance but due to some new changes I have had to come to the hard decision of finding a new alliance.

My Stats:
Team Power: ~3400
Cups: ~1800-2200
Titan hits: 10k-30k on 7*, just pulled a Wukong a few days ago starting to level him.
Time Zone: USA

Looking for Alliance that:

  • Members LOVE killing Titans, Alliance War, Event Challeges, Raids, basically everything!

  • Positive Attitude, constructive criticism without toxicity, fun banter

  • High member participation, decent chattiness

  • Would prefer to use Discord for outside game communication but willing to download something else

If your alliance and I sound like a good fit please post below. Thank you everyone in advance that takes the time to post.


Come to the Black Knights, your post sounds similar to recruitment post I did.

You can join wolves of winterfell. 8-9* titans and pretty active, chatty. Line chat app is used and have a common loung with the king of the north

Sounds like you might be quite a good fit for “Phantom Legion”. We are a friendly and very active alliance that values participation probably more than anything - no drama, positive encouragement, definitely no toxicity and we certainly appreciate fun banter and chattiness… we do not use Discord however, but we have a WhatsApp group for communications outside the game. We’ve got members on at least 3 continents including US and Europe, which personally I like and think is an advantage over being concentrated the same 1 or 2 timezones.

Perfect timing, we have a spot that’s just opened up, time zones are all over so as a result there’s usually someone on, we are peace warriors. We also use line to screen shot and help we hero load outs :slight_smile: we just took down a 10* but generally just 8*&9*s

Check this out! You’d fit here, more than fit here. We’ve got a spot opening soon. No 8* escape, only about 30% of 9*. We’re going to be moving up into top 100 range soon. Contact me and we’ll set up a quick interview.

We use Line. Docprofit Is my handle.

Sounds like you would be an asset in any alliance. Do you have any questions for your prospective alliance not yet covered? :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your interest. The only question I would have for everybody is how good is the communication between members. Do your members regularly check chat or is there some form of outside communication to make sure that everyone is on the same page? Furthermore, are titan and alliance war participation mandatory?

Yes, we have a Line chat dedicated just for game related content. Members post titan hits and raid videos (its mandatory you be there). We have a Line “chatters” where we BS about life and things outside game. We have a XXX room for all the… Well, you know. These are just for fun but most participate in some way.

We’re opening a spot because an otherwise active 3900+ power team couldn’t comprehend we want people hitting 6 times in war and some days would only tag the titan for 1 hit. We’re not about that life.

Thank you everyone who responded. I have found a new alliance. @Rook if you don’t mind, would you kindly lock this please.