Player looking for new alliance

Hi am looking for a new active alliance. Have been playing for 2 months. Am a level 19. Stronghold level 10. Am an enthusiastic player. Am primarily Free to play.
The former alliance I was in was hitting 6 to 8 * titans. I do well with the 6 okay with 7s need some more growing to be good with the 8s.

If i sound like a good fit for your faction, let me know!

Come join us at “new battle” if you like. We’re currently hitting 6* Titans and with a couple more active players will finally start killing 7*. We’d love to have ya!

Cup requirement set to 800 at the moment.

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There is one opening at Ishtar. Fighting 6* at the moment. We chat and have fun. Check us out. We have all ranges of player levels and strength. 600 cup, invite only. I will keep a watch out for your request to join

You should come check out Ghosts of TITanS pASSed. We are a fun chatty group and all of our players are happy to help with ideas on how to grow your team. We are always helping each other. Our cups requirement is currently 800 but we would be willing to drop it if you are interested in joining. Just let me know what your current cups are if you do need it lowered. Hope to see you.

Thank you for the invite. I have found a new home at this point. Thank you for offering to lower your cup count for me. I’m a bit too low for you at 600 cups.


Player found alliance

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