Looking for a top 25 Alliance

Hi Folks. Looking for a new alliance for my 2 accounts. CJM (TP 4149, cups 2597) and Wineryguy. (TP 3925, cups 2389). Been playing E&P for 14 months. I need to get to 10*s and would like a top 25 alliance (or family of alliances) that I can further my games with.

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Hey CJM, Syndicate of War has one available spot right now. We’re regularly moving between top 50-100 but we are killing all 10* Titans, some 11*, and competing with the best.
Here’s more information on what we’re looking for, what we’re about, and some reviews.

Our goal is to be a steady Top 50, so we are looking for the right players like you.
I’d love to talk more, Line id: 2spookd :grin:

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We have a spot for your second account in top140 Ally ~Xvoid~
We fight 10* titans and demand daily participation. Check us out :wink:

Hey CJM.

Give a look at King of the North. We usually stay between #6 and #12 and kill all 11* titans with at least 5h remaining and 12* once in a while. Also I joined 70 days ago and we only lost 3 wars. Awesome people and fun chat.
We just demand titan hits and AW participation.

We have a sister alliance Wolves of Winterfell that receives our players when they need some time to rest or be out of game. Check us and you can talk to Julia on Line: Julia-north

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Thanks Luiz, left Julia a line message to follow up

Nice! I hope it all works out well

Good luck! Let me know when I should close the thread. :wink:

Thanks to all the many folks I chatted with over past few days. I have joined the 7 Days family of alliances for both of my accounts.


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