Pirates of corellia stage 15 Epic Can't get past level 15

Hey everyone I need some help! I played Pirates of Corellia rare level all the way through no problem. I am now playing the Epic level and am on the last stage, 15. I have been trying for several days to beat it and can’t. The bosses heal faster than I can destroy them. Then the zombies. I have been going in circles for days and am seriously frustrated. I keep buying more time and it has gotten ridiculous! Attached a screenshot of my team. I have a zillion heroes and many leveled up into the talent grid or fully ascended but since they limit who you can use I apparently don’t know the best hero’s to choose. Does anyone have ideas how to beat this last stage? It brings a lot of points in the Valor challenge and I would really love to make that happen. I had written earlier about seemingly unbeatable challenges this is the perfect example! Someone said all challenges are beatable ~IMG_1604 I would sure like to know how! Thanks so much!

Dont use purple heroes. Purple is the reflect color for all tile damage and special attacks.

And sorry to say, if those are the heroes at your disposal for epic tier, you’ll probably wont complete stage 15 on epic.


Thank you for that. What hero’s do you suggest? I have so many. Maybe I can use a better combination! THANKS!

can you show more of your heroes? it’s gonna be hard with mostly 3 star heroes…

I gave up.

I played 4 or 5 games with different combinations (with two and three yellows) and it got crushed every time.
Basically unless you get an extremely lucky board that clears one of the enemy fairly quickly before they start throwing their specials you will lose.
It all comes down to a lucky board. Suck it up.

I struggled on this one too. Of my three maxed 4* heroes, two are purple, so I had to go in with others that were not maxed.

I feel like I cheated to get past it because I spent gems to use a continue when I had taken out Lady Locke and the other two were at less than a quarter health and my last hero was defeated.

It is a horribly tough level.

My team was Peters, my only non-Dark maxed hero with 4 talent nodes, Kelile at 4.53, Boldtusk at 4.57, Gadeirus at 4.46 and Wilbur at 3.?? - Wilbur I was power levelling as fast as I could train heroes for a day to try to get past the level and I think that he was very instrumental in it. I forget what level he was at as I have continued to throw everything at him since to get him levelled up.

I really am desperate for gloves and I figured 75 gems was worth the risk for them.

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You can 5 Bombs 5 Axe attacks and 5 arrows 5 mana pots. Reach boss wave with all your heroes charged specs use Kiril first then Grimm then Hu Tao charge 2 more times with mana pots Grimm or Hu Tao, check boss life if its sub 3000 on each nuke em with bombs axe and arrows. Thats the easiest way.
Just stall on wave 2 heal and charge specs.


this is false. 20falses


Sure thanks! Here is the top of my roster

IMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1614 IMG_1617 IMG_1615 IMG_1613 IMG_1616

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Thanks Nik will give it a try once I get a better team going

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ps some are really new so I don’t have them leveled up yet

you… have way too many heroes and none of them are levelled up…


You need to pick 1 hero of each color, and start leveling them up to a usable standard. Your heroes are scattered everywhere, none of them are useful.

I would do Hu Tao, Grimm, Kiril, Gunnar Costumed, and if you can level up your Nordri to at least 3rd ascension, use Nordri. otherwise, use… I don’t even know. Just pick the highest TP dude you have that’s not purple.

Seriously, you need to start levelling up some 4-star heroes, and level them to max instead of spreading all your feeders around randomly.


thanks all the way around I have begun to realize that and will do. I appreciate your help, all of you!

ps sorry what is TP?

TP = Team Power (20 characters)


THX! I am kind if newt the forum and don’t know the abbreviations you all use


Maybe this thread can help you a little bit to understand the forum-jargon/abbreviations.



Lightbenter 11

suggest to STOP using those blue diamonds(ur addicted) and build up your teams. for challenges IOM u need at least 3 of each of the colors to compete. That is with them completely maxed out. Emblems for 3*'s are not worth given your whole bench. In the 4* world be choosy which one to emblem,( U can search the site for suggestions. The for war you need to have at least 6 of each color maxed and at least 6 healers(12-15 is betters), SO STOP AND BUILD!!!

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